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'Pen and paper' is a method to convey the essence of ones intellect towards his reader. When I was small I was introduced to paper first. I learned to draw and craft paper models from my father who was an art teacher. After some time I realized that paper is much more than this. I recognised papers potential in the form of books. For me reading book became a rich source of knowledge and entertaiment. Book has been an important companion in my life since then. I owe all the credits for what I am today to these thin lifeless yet printed magical crafts of paper.

Now that I am left with pen I want to test the possibility to design some good piece of work by writing articles. I am not sure if I can achieve that goal all by myself since I don't have any background with writing. But somehow I think it is worth giving a try. Especially in hubpages where I come to learn a lot from the marvellous opinions that writers give in hubpages writers community.

In real life I am a MBBS student. I dont often get time to write. But when I do I'll write about the topics I know best and about those which I come across everyday.

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