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Joined 9 years ago from The Big Easy




Adjunct has taught college students earning online degrees for over four years. Adjunct has a Master of Fine Arts in Writing. He is a firm believer in the value of higher education. His experience with various online degree programs leads him to the conclusion taht earning one or more college degrees online is just as valuable as earning college degrees in a traditional setting.

Given the current economic climate, Adjunct can not suggest strongly enough the unmistakeable opportunity now developing for prospective college students to finally have a realistic shot at earning an academic degree, and given the maturing of the technology required to provide online classes, he is an advocate of earning online degrees at an online college degree program.

Additionally, Adjunct spends a good deal of time writing on various topics. These topics are chosen at random. Adjunct is interested in many things, but his main interest is writing clearly and cleanly about the world around him.

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  • The Pros and Cons of Glass Table Tops

    The Pros and Cons of Glass Table Tops

    7 years ago

    The use of glass table tops in your overall design scheme, whether for home or office, has many advantages. Glass is versatile, stylish, and yet surprisingly affordable. It can do much to enhance the appearance of any...