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For over 20 years, Adrienne Daniels has worked in the healthcare profession, first as a community support worker/case manager for a mental health agency then as a home health aid and clinician, serving both the elderly and the developmentally disabled communities. Throughout her career she has always had a passion to be of service to others in a more spiritually, therapeutic way. With years of growing in her own spirituality, studying metaphysics, and life's wonderful experiences, she has molded her passion into truly serving others as a professional Life Coach.

Currently, Adrienne works part-time as a freelance writer/photographer, while completing her certification as a Life Coach, specializing in Spirituality and Wellness Coaching. She loves to travel, gardening, as well as blogging about her experiences and other topics.

While she lives in the Midwest with her three, amazing teens, she finds that embracing life as an adventure can be both life expanding and stress free. She believes that living life with an open mind will always encourage an open heart.

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