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  • Reality check 101

    Reality check 101

    8 years ago

    Are you real? Or I am just day dreaming? If this is just a dream please do not ever wake me up. For I am REAL. What I feel for you is REAL. Yet, for now, I must face the reality. That the realm I built in my heart and mind ...

  • Marc


    8 years ago

    Marc Marc – means warlike. I know someone named Marc. However, he is not manly as his name. He is emotional. His eyes are reflection of his persona. He is a Samaritan. Good hearted. So soft that he forgets about himself for others. He even...

  • Happy-go-Lucky


    8 years ago

    I am a happy go lucky person. When a person is perceive to be a happy go lucky person, what comes to your mind? Is it a person who does not take life seriously? Carefree and light-hearted is how I define a happy go lucky person. Yet, he can...

  • Ring


    8 years ago

    Choi have to leave. He asked for time, for him to weigh things out. On who should he choose. The present or the past ... on to whom should he give his one true love. Bubbles though in pain ... is very much willing to wait. She needs a sign. A sign...

  • Crowded Mind

    Crowded Mind

    8 years ago

    Just a thought ... Oh my! It's a very crazy situation. Do not know what to do anymore. My mind is so crowded with so many things that I do not know where to start. I do not have any idea on how to weigh things out. So how should I go with the...

  • Tic Tac Boom

    Tic Tac Boom

    8 years ago

    And all of a sudden, my fairy godmother had arrived. I never thought it is possible to feel this kind of excitement. I am an accommodating person, but a very private person. But when a friend asks me to entertain a total stranger, without second...

  • just kiddin

    just kiddin

    9 years ago

    i love you you love him you love me i love her   isn't it strange why but that's life as we all know it's a merry-go-round how i just wish that it goes like this i love you you love me you love me i love you   ...

  • On moving on

    On moving on

    9 years ago

    She's just in her workstation. Doing the encoding tasks givin' to her. It's was way boring... YES! Really boring. Then all of a sudden, she heard laughter - unstoppable laughter from somewhere. Hey, she wasn't dreaming. It is real. She bit her...



    9 years ago

    Chubby - that's who I am. At less than five feet high, I weigh 60 kgs. - quite overweight, right?My face is round, just like a ball. My figure? Simply rectangular from head to toe. Vital stats - I do not know the exact measurement because I am...

  • Stupid


    9 years ago

    Stupid! Some times, people can be stupid ... and I am stupid. There are lots of things that I did which are out of the blues. Things that unknowingly to me, was already hurting someone. Stupid! I feel guilty - but also feel I am not. Its...

  • Lonely Soul

    Lonely Soul

    9 years ago

    March 11, 2010 Today, I really feel empty. No matter where I look at. Wherever I go. I looked at myself on the mirror. But still, I see no one. Not even a reflection of myself. Everything is dark. Very dark. . . There's only one thing sure - I...

  • Oh my! Am I Day Dreaming?

    Oh my! Am I Day Dreaming?

    10 years ago

    That's what she told her ex-boyfriend when they had a closed encounter. She did not mean it, as far as she know. The words just came out of her big mouth - loudly. And yes - from her big mouth. She also told her ex, "Oh, you're really -...

  • Rejection - one sad truth

    Rejection - one sad truth

    10 years ago

    REJECTION - does it hurt? Is there circumstance when rejection creates happiness? Or simply, rejection only results to gloomy ones? When does someone experiences rejection? How should he / she handle it?     Its Christmas time - gift...

  • Just Once

    Just Once

    10 years ago

    I am not a born artist. I do not sing nor dance. I can count in my two bare hands the number of times I performed on the stage. This month, Christmas parties are all around. And in every party, there are programs. Well, just for fun, since I am...

  • The best medicine: LAUGHTER

    The best medicine: LAUGHTER

    9 years ago

      Laughter is the best medicine – and a unique way to hide thy true feelings??? It is a big question in his life right now. People consider him a clown wherever he goes. He is a funny guy. In fact he looks young for his age due to the fact...

  • Just Sharing

    Just Sharing

    10 years ago

    Gee – I just want to share the story how I discover this amazing book. It’s truly a masterpiece. It helped me discover some aspects in my life that, oh well, I never put my mind on when I’m assessing my persona. And yes, to my surprise, after...

  • Learn ... Live ... Laugh

    Learn ... Live ... Laugh

    10 years ago

    Life is a continous process of learning. In everything that we do, there is always something that gives us new ideas and beliefs. Things that helps us in our day to day survival. Its way difficult to start a new life. Just like a plant, once it is...

  • Living like a GHOST

    Living like a GHOST

    10 years ago

    Just sharing ... She's a simple lass at the age of 25. Living in a dormitory somewhere in the slum area. She stays in a room for rent but actually living a bed spacer's life. There are eight beds in that said room. It is crowded with fellow lady...

  • Breakin' up

    Breakin' up

    10 years ago

    Fruitee and Beanie - that's their pet name for each other. To the eyes of people around them - they are an almost perfect couple. When they are together, love is really in the air. There is spark that radiates in their eyes and from the way they...


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