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I'm retired from the Air Force after 29 years of service, something I'm very proud of. Currently I work for the United States government as a financial analysist.

I'm an avid online reader and I dabbled in authoring hubpages a few years back when I was in the Air Force and deployed away from my family. Now that my kids are grown I found I have free time so I'm starting my writing back up and I've found it to be very enjoyable. My short term goal is to post at least 1 quality hub per week. Articles on things that I have had to research to find the information I need to complete something in my everyday life. I also plan on doing some just for fun articles on things I enjoy and review of products that I either found to be of great value or not worth their money.

I’m originally from the South, Mississippi and Tennessee to be exact but have lived across the United States and the world due to my career in the Air Force. I’ve lived in Colorado, Indiana, California, New Mexico, Utah, Nebraska, Mississippi, Ohio and Missouri. Add in the states that I have visited as part of my Air Force duties and the list is easily doubled. Also while growing up I traveled extensively during the summer months as my father was an over the road truck driver and I would “hitch” a ride with him and see the US through the windshield of an 18 wheeler. A great thrill for a preteen boy back in the 70s.

If you enjoy writing or would like to start writing and publishing I highly suggest you click on the link below and get started with HubPages, (it’s free)

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