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My mind is a volatile little thing. One minute it is in a full work, do not disturb mode, and the next it’s already flying around the globe searching for the next explosive, groundbreaking adventure.

With such a mind, it’s difficult to stay on one track for a long time.

One day I might talk about ways to earn more money, greedily explaining ways on how I plan to become the next Scrooge McDuck.

Next day, you may read some of my short stories, full of irony, sarcasm and, often, dark and pessimistic themes.

Sometimes I might surprise you with news commentary or a short rattle on current “hot” events.

Do expect something about music as well – after all, it’s one of my main passions.

To sum up – I guarantee you that you won’t be bored on this HubPage!

If you are…please let me know! All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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