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Alexandra is a writer, non-human animal lover, and athlete. Most of all, she is a woman with a story. Let her take you through her journey and hopefully you can find some insight through her antics.

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  • Co-Worker Sabotage

    Co-Worker Sabotage

    3 days ago

    Do you have good ideas but your boss knocks them down? Are you hatching ideas your boss should have laid, since shes been there 20 years? Are you outshining your co-workers?

  • Career Change vs. Stability

    Career Change vs. Stability

    8 days ago

    After a while, your paycheck stops becoming the only motivation for you to go to work. Yes, we all have expenses, but what happened to pursuing your dream? Life happened, that's what happened.

  • Uncomfortable Comfort

    Uncomfortable Comfort

    9 days ago

    Did you finally find your niche? Did you fall into your groove? Are you attracting less drama than usual? Well, why are you constantly looking over your shoulder for something bad to happen?

  • Smoke and Mirrors in the Workplace

    Smoke and Mirrors in the Workplace

    2 weeks ago

    Dealing with that insufferable co-worker who is just so full of himself or herself.

  • The Job Market Waiting Game

    The Job Market Waiting Game

    2 weeks ago

    Have you ever lost your job suddenly? How can you remain patient when rent is due next week? I have a few tips that might help.