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"I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them."- Anne Rice

I cannot emphasize enough the enormity of Anne Rice's influence on myself and on my writing. Her works helped me through some of my toughest days. It only felt right to point out the giant whose shoulder I am standing on. I am a writer and have been since I was a young child. I also have latent talent in drawing and hope to, one day, branch out to anime and animation. When I think of my childhood I think of strong summer rains and my excitement as I imagined the rains were a great deluge that would flood the Earth. I would plan with my neighborhood friends to ride the waves of the great flood with makeshift life rafts. I remember making a space shuttle out of a cardboard box with a trajectory set on the moon. Then atlast we could eat moon cheese! I am an imaginative person and that is fortunate for my novels-in-progress. Hopefully, it will be useful with my efforts as a free-lance writer! I have several interests. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes or inventing new recipes. I will be writing about several of them. I love to marvel at the universe and discuss or muse at it's secrets. I would love to write reviews of events, movies, restaurants, etc... I want to experience all the beauty in the world that I can. Travel, fishing, hunting, camping, mountaineering, etc... I hope to form a lasting impression on my readers and eventually get published!

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    How to Grill a Large Cuttlefish or Squid

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