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Ajani is a Singaporean who has managed to secure a place of study for himself in the psychology department of a local university starting August this year. Since being out of National Service, a military conscription lasting up to two years, he has been working as a temporary worker for a Japanese consumer imaging and information company to earn his university tuition fees. However, he is still looking for other avenues of work in the meantime.

Having a deep interest in continental philosophy, Ajani identifies with the existentialists; Romantics and also Foucauldians. Outside formal philosophy, he also enjoys looking at Buddhism, the goth subculture and life, with a critical mind. He also has more technical interests, like Linux and WordPress.

He hopes to become either a fiction writer; a diplomat; a psychologist in an interesting vocation; or even an academic, depending on where his actions should take him in the future.

Politically, he leans left.

Ah well, he’s quite fascinated with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) if you heard of it before. He thinks it’s amazing stuff. Ajani is tested as an INTJ. The sociopath.

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