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  • 13 Ways of Looking at a Wolf

    13 Ways of Looking at a Wolf

    4 years ago

    This was a poem I have written almost a year ago for a poetry class. It was based on another poem that was similar to this. I love wolves so I wanted to write about them in different ways.

  • The Aborigines of Australia

    The Aborigines of Australia

    5 years ago

    When it comes to religion, the Aborigines of Australia are like other traditional societies these days. They practice rituals to settle spirits of the living and dead, worship the spirits of nature, and their ways are mixing with other ideas of...

  • The Mind And The Heart (A Poem by A.J. Reschka)

    The Mind And The Heart (A Poem by A.J. Reschka)

    5 years ago

    A question on the outside A decision on the in. Which part of yourself Will eventually win? They both work together, But stay separate as well. The difference between them Is very easy to tell. One side is north, Embracing logic...

  • Snow (A Poem by A.J. Reschka)

    Snow (A Poem by A.J. Reschka)

    5 years ago

    White crystals fall Upon the dying earth, Waiting for resurrection, Waiting for rebirth. Trees catch the crystals With their rough, boney hands. How they have this strength I do not understand. As for the rest that missed The...

  • Purpose(A Poem)

    Purpose(A Poem)

    7 years ago

    Do you know me? I bet you do not. I'm in your classroom That is not known for a lot. Sure, I have sang And performed in a show, But I still own a name That most don't know. People sweetly say, "Hello," While I walk in the hall, But only out of...

  • Fire (A Poem)

    Fire (A Poem)

    7 years ago

     Back and forth Goes the flame, Luring its victims Name by name. Since the beginning of time, It captured us all With its seductive dance And silent call. It gives a warm light To help us find our way, Until it burns out When...

  • Fire (Haiku Poem)

    Fire (Haiku Poem)

    7 years ago

    I wrote this poem when I was at a small party in a restaurant back at my old hometown. I get the inspiration of the poem when I was staring at a candle that was set upon the table that I was sitting at. A longer fire poem was written before this one...

  • Right By the Bay (a poem)

    Right By the Bay (a poem)

    7 years ago

     This poem was inspired by the painting, "The Fallen Deer" by Winslow Homer. It was an assignment to write a 1 page poem about a particular painting by this artist and I picked this painting for the assignment. I hope you enjoy it. Right by the...

  • The Pianist (A Poem)

    The Pianist (A Poem)

    7 years ago

      A string tapped and played, Breaking the glass of silence. Soothing and yet ruthless, Breaking rules like stones to a fence. Pale fingers moving swiftly Horizontally on the scale. Nothing would interrupt This soft, poetic tale. Adrenaline...

  • How To Become a Good Listener

    How To Become a Good Listener

    7 years ago

    Ferris Bueller once said, “Life movies pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” In this day and age, this advice truly needs to be taken, especially when it comes to people. We have been so worried...


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