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Hey I'm AJ. My articles are informational, entertaining and help people make opinions about important disputes and important characters in history.

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  • Teens Aren't Getting Enough Sleep

    Teens Aren't Getting Enough Sleep

    3 years ago

    Why aren't teens getting enough sleep? Contrary to popular belief, it may not be the teen's fault. High schools are starting way too early. Teens aren't getting a healthy amount of sleep.

  • Methodic: A Short Story

    Methodic: A Short Story

    5 years ago

    Methodic Everything went blank, dark, deep nothingness. “AHNNH!” An alarm roused me from my deep slumber. First, I glanced at the intercom that woke me, then, I stared at a colorless wall in front of me....

  • Citizenship and Character

    Citizenship and Character

    5 years ago

    What do citizenship and character mean? They are both very similar. Citizenship can define your character. Character defines who you are as a person. It is not so much your personality but how you treat others....

  • The Impact of Benjamin Franklin

    The Impact of Benjamin Franklin

    4 years ago

    What would it be like if the United States hadn’t ever formed at all? What if Britain still reined? Have you ever wondered who lent the most help to the Revolutionary War, to American society? Benjamin Franklin is the...

  • Is Gay Marriage Protected by the US Constitution?

    Is Gay Marriage Protected by the US Constitution?

    3 years ago

    The big debate sweeping the nation today is “Is gay marriage protected by the US Constitution?” Many gay rights activists are striving to make gay marriage legal, but there is a huge amount of evidence against the...