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    Bio-Digester vs Composter

    10 months ago

    The two work similarly in terms of wastewater treatment but the difference comes in with exposure to oxygen; aerobic and anaerobic.

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    How to Build a Bio-Digester Septic Tank

    10 months ago

    Once you know how much waste comes from your home, you can begin to arrange tanks together to construct the bio-digester septic tank.

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    How to Join two Shipping Containers

    10 months ago

    Shipping containers have fixed sizes and shapes, which means if you'd like a wider space you have to join them; either side by side or by stacking them.

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    Best Spray Paint for a Shipping Container

    11 months ago

    The best spray paint should be clean and have low VOC levels. A high-quality grade that can withstand extreme temperatures in your container home.

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    What Is a Bio-Digester?

    10 months ago

    A bio-digester is a mechanical toilet that can convert waste from the home into exclusive outputs, such as biogas and water for home use. This article will take an extensive look at how they work, what their potential features and advantages are, and whether or not they might be a good fit for you.

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    How to Add Plumbing to a Shipping Container Home

    12 months ago

    Plumbing is one of the most crucial components added to a shipping container home. For this reason, keen detail has to observed during the process of installation

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    How to Spray Paint a Shipping Container

    12 months ago

    Whether you're planning to DIY or hire a professional painter, the process of painting a shipping container has to be a detailed one with clear guidelines and tools.

  • Removing Rust on a Shipping Container

    Removing Rust on a Shipping Container

    12 months ago

    It's inevitable for a steel container to lack rust patches. But there are easy and softer ways to remove rust on the shipping container without damaging the integrity.

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    Type of Electrode to Use for Welding Shipping Containers

    13 months ago

    Metal on metal works requires precise electric currents and defined welding electrodes. Depending on the type of welding done to modify your shipping container home, you must understand the types.

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    Are Shipping Container Homes Legal in California

    3 months ago

    Unlike other states like Louisiana or Missouri, California has rather strict land rules and regulations, which aids in determining the legality of the shipping container homes. This is why this article will take you through all you need to know about the legal side of California container homes.

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    The Different Types of Interior Walls in a Shipping Container

    15 months ago

    There are different types of interior walls in a shipping container that is being converted into a shipping container home, restaurant, emergency hospital, shipping container pool, among others. This article takes an in-depth look at some of the shipping container interior walls that can be used.

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    How to Build a Wall Inside a Shipping Container

    14 months ago

    There's a revolution in the construction industry that uses sea containers to build homes and structures. And just like any other house, the shipping container home's livable space needs to be divided using walls. Here's how to build a wall inside a shipping container home.

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    Tips and Ideas for Building a Low-Cost House

    14 months ago

    With this crippling economy, building a house has become more of a burden. Acquiring land, building materials, and hiring the much-needed contractors and subcontractors could cost you a fortune. Here are tips for building a low-cost house.

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    The History of Shipping Containers

    17 months ago

    Shipping containers have not been an overnight sensation. For decades now, they have revolutionized from rusty cargo to what is now embraced as shipping container homes. In this article, we shall go down memory lane and recollect on how shipping containers came to be.

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    Tools for Cutting Shipping Containers

    16 months ago

    Container modification requires tools and materials that effectively and efficiently transform a container to the perfect shipping container home. Here, we look at some of the tools for cutting shipping containers.

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    Shipping Containers for Affordable Housing in Kenya

    3 weeks ago

    Affordable housing in Kenya has become a national issue with a standing deficit of 250,000 units. Real estate has grown more in the upscale market leaving huge gaps for low-cost houses.The Kenyan government came up with the big four agenda, with affordable housing as one of its pillars.

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    7 Clever Uses of Shipping Containers

    10 months ago

    Shipping containers have revolutionized the real estate industry, with the possibility of having beautiful buildings that are not made of brick and mortar or wood. Here are seven clever uses of shipping containers.


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