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Aley Martin grew up in New England and has lived in eleven states. She has two grown children and three dogs. Aley loves teaching and writing and teaches literature and humanities at three different academic institutions.

As a self-described spiritual "mutt", Aley embraces humanism, Buddhism and Native American philosophies.Her favorite time periods are the Enlightenment and Victorian Ages.

She loves the concept of flanerie and spends as much time sauntering sans a turtle for company! Charles Baudelaire knew of which he wrote!

With a love of travel Aley would spend at least 4 months out of the year aboard her RV, but duty calls. Humor is key to her existence and her favorite improv guy is her son, Alex. Her daughter Kate and she love blogging and are appointed wordsmiths and curiosity mongers.

Aley loves hard back and soft back books but is willing to read books on her Kindle, expecially when traveling. Board games bring her joy: Scrabble, Majjhonng and the Game of Life are a few favorites.

She is a liberally minded woman and a spiritually invested part of the whole. She prefers her status as a Global Citizen, as she is not "attached" to any place therefore is comfortable in all places. There are however a few geographic places she actually abhors, (but is reluctant to insult anyone who might live there).

If there was such a thing as reincarnation, she knows she has been a man more times than a woman, as she feels totally balanced in her male and female energies. Her spouse also is balanced thus, making them a completely well rounded duo.

If Glenn Miller music is playing on the radio, you can bet her parents are sending her a message, and her big brother Don introduced her to Joseph Campbell's works and it changed her life.

If there was ever any advice Aley would give solicited or otherwise, it would be to have the courage to think for yourself and to keep educating yourself throughout your entire lifetime, this leads to the last momentous adage: "Know Thyself".

As a writer, I admonish other writers:

Not to write just to "make money".( Even excellent writers only make about $14, 000 a year writing.) Have you been in a bookstore recently? EVERYONE thinks they can write! And they should do it IF THEY LOVE IT!

Write because you must!

Write to enjoy yourself, write to be free....! Enjoy the hell out of it!

As with all things, if it is right, the money will come...

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