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I have a first class honors degree in biology from Simon Fraser University in Canada. After I obtained my degree, I completed the Professional Development Program in the Faculty of Education at SFU. As a result, I was awarded a professional teaching certificate from the British Columbia Ministry of Education.

I taught high school biology, chemistry, and science for many years. I’ve also taught other subjects, including information technology, as well as elementary school science. I’m currently a science writer, though I sometimes write about other topics that interest me.

My articles often discuss human biology, nature, and the scientific basis of health and disease. My goal is to create informative, understandable, and interesting articles about the topics that I find so fascinating myself.

Pets have been an important part of my life since childhood. At the moment I have seven pet companions—two dogs (a Leonberger and a Labrador Retriever), three cats (two Ragdolls and one rescue), and two birds (a Dusky Conure and a Moustache Parakeet).

In addition to studying nature, I enjoy reading, creating and listening to music, taking photographs, and walking. I also enjoy exploring mythology and writing fiction and poetry.

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