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    ADHD-Behaviour Therapy, Counselling and Support

    8 years ago

    The third in a series of articles aimed at providing information and help for those caring for or working with children with ADHD, this article is concerned with support given by counsellors.

  • ADHD ─ Facts You Need to Know

    ADHD ─ Facts You Need to Know

    8 years ago

    This is the second in a collection of articles on ADHD. The first covered recognising the disorder, and here you find points to prepare you for your first appointment with your child's paediatrician.

  • Recognise and Help Children with ADHD

    Recognise and Help Children with ADHD

    8 years ago

    It's all too easy to label a child as ADHD! Don't fall into that trap. Learn the symptoms, and find out how to get help, if and when it is necessary. Discover simple strategies to cope with ADHD

  • Fix Flapjacks for a Quick Cookie Snack - Tasty and Filling English Flapjacks

    Fix Flapjacks for a Quick Cookie Snack - Tasty and Filling English Flapjacks

    7 years ago

    What exactly is a flapjack? Find out what it is and where it comes from. Then try this tasty recipe for English flapjacks.

  • The Very Best Goat-Cheese Pie

    The Very Best Goat-Cheese Pie

    8 years ago

    Here you will find a goat cheese pie recipe that is simple to make but full of warming winter vegetables. Try the bonus recipe for goat's cheese tartlets - the same pastry but less time to make.

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    How to Control Tears and Stop Crying

    3 months ago

    Do you find yourself crying in public and unable to control your tears? There are biological as well as emotional forces at play. Learn about easy ways to stop crying.

  • Do You Listen to Your Children? How and Why You Should

    Do You Listen to Your Children? How and Why You Should

    7 years ago

    You may spend time with your children but not really focus on what they say. The distractions of everyday life make us neglect our children without realizing. It is important to listen to our kids from an early age so that communication between us is always open. Tips on how to focus on your kids...

  • Dealing with Colic

    Dealing with Colic

    7 years ago

    It is during the first months of your baby's life that colic strikes, and it causes you and everyone around you stress and anxiety. Unfortunately there is very little you can do to relieve baby's pain. Here are a list of the causes of colic in babies and a few tips you can try to make that time...

  • New Year's Resolution-Don't Make it to Break It!

    New Year's Resolution-Don't Make it to Break It!

    7 years ago

    As we look ahead to the New Year here is a little bit about the history of making New Year's Resolutions, what they mean to us, and how we can use them to improve ourselves. Tips to help you in keeping your New Year's Resolution are described and a sense of perspective put on the subject.

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    Gingerbread Facts to Tell Your Kids

    9 years ago

    During the festive season families and friends come together over traditional foods and drinks. Gingerbread is just one ot the treats we eat and make together. Here are some facts about the origins of ginger and gingerbread for you to talk to your kids about while in the kitchen. There is also a...

  • 1

    How to Bake and Decorate Gingerbread Men

    9 years ago

    Baking gingerbread men is important because it is a child-oriented activity which gives adults and children a lot of fun and satisfaction. This straightforward recipe is easy to mix and the spicy little cookies are delicious to eat.However, part of the fun is the story of the gingerbread man so it...

  • How to Make Taking a Walk a More Interesting Experience

    How to Make Taking a Walk a More Interesting Experience

    7 years ago

    Don't let boredom stop you from walking. Follow these tips about time of day, place to walk, and activities to keep you occupied while walking. Take this advice and you will find yourself enjoying your daily constitutional. Taking a walk has never been more interesting! Remarkable images taken on...

  • Lentils—How to Cook them in Delicious, Nutritious Recipes

    Lentils—How to Cook them in Delicious, Nutritious Recipes

    9 years ago

    Try cooking with lentils and don't be put off by their preparation; specially written for the winter months, this article explains what lentils are, where they originate, how they benefit you and even contains an Egyprtian recipe for a tasty and warming dish.

  • Walking—How to Get Fit Fast and Stay that Way!

    Walking—How to Get Fit Fast and Stay that Way!

    8 years ago

    Walking is an excellent form of exercise for people who need to maintain fitness but don't have much time. Learn the benefits of walking, the risks of not walking, and how and where you can fit it into your daily life to get the most out of routine walking. Find out how much time you need to walk...

  • Oranges—Healthy Eating

    Oranges—Healthy Eating

    7 years ago

    Oranges are citrus fruits known for their high Vitamin C content. Find out more about oranges. Discover where oranges come from, why and how they help us stay healthy and how we can use them in our daily lives.

  • Stub it Out! Stop Smoking before it Stops You!

    Stub it Out! Stop Smoking before it Stops You!

    9 years ago

    Encouragement for those interested in stopping smoking; this article includes the history of tobacco, religious views on smoking, affects of smoking during pregnancy, tips to help you stop and a detailed list of the changes you will undergo if you quit. Just to be fair withdrawal symptoms are...


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