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All for Jesus is dedicated to my savior. Within these pages we will explore co-existing, various religions and their similarities and various philosophies and the fascinating people behind them.

I love being Christian and I wish to share my joy!

I believe in unity and welcoming everyone of every possible religious belief.

This is my Hub for peace and unity. You will note most of the Hubs are preceded by Unity 101 - that is my mantra that I try to live by.

Who am I? Someone raised poor who has had the luxury of meeting many people from many walks of life and many religions.

My pedigree is pure "mutt" - and I am proud of it! My brown eyes are from Morocco, my fair skin a product of both England and Ireland. And while I have no known French or Italian, my late husband was Italian and Irish.

Yes, if you met me I am the standard American - nothing special but what is inside is a wonderful tapestry - much like the world God has created for us.

Come join me here on Hub Pages! It is truly a delight and inspirational! JOIN HUB PAGES TODAY!

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