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I have been accused of being a realist, but I believe it is my way of seeing through the eyes of a child, as the child always has the most clear view.

I am not attracted to emotional poetry. or fragmented poetry, both seek to expose emotional incompetence or dark damages that I as reader can do nothing about - like hearing a distant scream in the night in a strange town.

I like to write 'down scale' and within simple understandability that is apparent in the first reading but with a second tangent of meaning (hopefully) that goes a little beyond, so please read twice :)

I think that in a divided and fractured world, with collapsing values and mountains of bad information driving inhumane thinking, that anything that resists the vapourising of 'everything' we know is to be encouraged.

So I like rhythm, meter, rhyming and a generally traditional style. It is harder to rhyme meaningfully than not to rhyme at all, and that brittleness of meaning needs to ping with the qualities of leaded wine glass, or land sofft as a stalking cats paw; and the more traditional the form the more accessible it becomes .

I hope you like my poetry, I try to write happy-ish stuff and love poems.

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