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Hmn! How might I describe my self, well I'm very Senitive, and at time lost for something challenging and meanful to be a part of now that I'm retired because of age. So I guess I'm in a sort of Search period and trying to find my self for I have very little knowledge of what one does after they arrive at the threshold of thier Golden Years. I had wonderful childhood and I was fortunate to have lived those years during the era's I did for I believe I saw the last of Man Kinds Innocense, I'm not sure how much of the Birth of this era I will get to observe, but what bothers me most is that I won't be allowed to aid in its growth and developement. If I was to share anything of valve that I gathered during these last 63 years, I'd have to say to phrases have been on my mind most my adult life:"Face piles of trials with lots of smiles and dont let those around you, that you know the web they weave", and "Keep your mind about when all those around you are losing thier". and if I have one point of reason I should have heeded, Which was from my beloved Grandmother "Your best friend is how much money you have in savings" I guess the one thing that kept me running most my life was when I was a boy of 12 I was tested for my level of IQ and was told I was 2 points from a Genius, my mother said that was the worst thing that they could have told me, because I spent the rest of my life trying to make those two (2) points up.

If I was to summarize what I'm trying to accomplish with my Hubs is to Inspire those most gifted in the art of expression, to take these thoughts that I have accumaled over the span of my journey through life, especially those that boiled within me for most of my youthful years as if some other force might have some desire to see the world pause if just for a brief moment in time, to reason among one another to theses matters,(So please feel free to expand upon these thoughts adding greater body and and a purer pictorial view . so that we all might bring forth a greater reason why we need them to the next level in evolution now.) sense it seems the world is beginning to realize, we all need to roll up are sleeves and pitch in to putting our world back together again. I've always been a Commanders Aid, just never had a calling to preach or Lead, even though over the years allot of friends and family members told me I should have been a Preacher or a lawyer, I told God unless you come and personelly call upon me. I'd never use you or your word to beneifit myself in anyway. Maybe I just wasn't tuning in, since now I feel maybe I'm being primed. As a child TV was my master, Movies my inspiration, my hero's were in comics. It wasn't till Strangers came and lifted me up, gave me direction, and suggest I try again, only this time pause before you move or think and consider how our heavenly father might think of what I was considering to do or say. I love him for so many things this day, but the one I will forever cherish is that he allows me to choose, reguarless, how he feels, and is still there after I make all my mistakes.

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