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Growing up I remember vivid images of the brown and white striped awning on the ice cream café on my corner, summers with a colorful array of brightly patterned sundresses, swim trunks and double scoop cones. The bright colors from the lemonade stands that peppered the freshly cut lawns in my neighborhood and pink tights from Saturday ballet lessons that always brought forth feelings of happiness and peace in my world. Now that I am grown up, a feng shui consultant and an artist, I am compelled to create art that represents the lighter side of life, the playfulness of the human spirit, before real life demands set in. Sometimes my ideas spark from a glimpse of a spotted dog laying on a chartreuse blanket with his head on a purple dress up shoe. These everyday spots of beauty create a little tickle the back of my head that keeps nagging me until I am forced to transfer the images to canvass. That is how paige + charlie was born. The middle names of my two children who are an inspiration of their own. Our small yorkie terrier Cooper inspires me daily, but the name paige + charlie sounded better! Enjoy these pieces of art in your home so they can bring a splash of color in your rooms and joy in your life. Hang them in a place where giggles are frequent and childlike magic happens.

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