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  • Silent Whispers, Loud Cries

    Silent Whispers, Loud Cries

    10 months ago

    I hear some silent whispers in the depth of the night, Which urge me to wake up to their lamenting calls. And look for a fountain that has been long lost, In the darks of a ghastly shadow, caused by a tenebrous...

  • I'm Thy Friend

    I'm Thy Friend

    11 months ago

    Can thou say, that I did betray, On thy peril, didn't I help to escape ? Angry art thou why? Come on say. Be my friend again, come, let's play. For an offence, that I haven't done, I don't wanna pay, I say...

  • Come Back

    Come Back

    10 months ago

    Like the wind, thou have passed from here, Where are the glorious times, which were there? Gone, have thou gone, leaving everyone in pain, Come back, come back, thy voice once more thee strain. The trees in...

  • Bring Her Back

    Bring Her Back

    11 months ago

    Mother Nature has blessed us with myriads of splendid creatures. Sparrow, the bird, being one of them. These birds, as lovely as they are, are declining in number. This poem is dedicated to them.

  • There's More To Come

    There's More To Come

    11 months ago

    When life betrays you in so many ways, Gives you lonely and utterly painful days, That your soul gets crushed by the burden of the truth, You pray with all your heart to end the ruth, Your mind ill at ease, and...

  • A Beautiful Tomorrow

    A Beautiful Tomorrow

    11 months ago

    I am waiting for that beautiful tomorrow, Where there is only joy, no sorrow. Where sunlight is pleasantly warm, Where being gentle, does no harm. I am waiting for that beautiful tomorrow, Where thoughts...