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Joined 8 years ago from London, UK.




I was a student during the summer of punk. Now I retreat to a sound proofed cellar to celebrate making LOUD music.

I am a man in pursuit of TONE. Music and philosophy (well, thinking about why it is we all love different flavours in the rainbow of sounds) are my driving forces.

I better add that I am a romantic. I recently fell in love (again) with a Marshall 6101 LM 100 watt combo.

It is a strange kinda love.

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  • Marshall Amp 6101 LM 30th Anniversary Combo

    Marshall Amp 6101 LM 30th Anniversary Combo

    8 years ago

    Hey. Welcome to the home of the AmpMan. A man in pursuit of tone. I have been searching for 30 years, since my first electric guitar, a lookalike Fender strat, was bought for me when I was 12. I plugged it into a...