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AmyTaylor profile image


Joined 7 years ago




I'm not sure if writing means anything. It happens to be my only way of release though. So for everyone who who may relate these are for you....for those who need answers, there are none...only complicated, twisted words in a whirling tunnel leading to nowhere in particular so enjoy the ride....

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  • Books, Literature, and Writing (25)
  • Health (1)
  • Over and Over

    Over and Over

    6 years ago

    As I shut my bloodshot eyes and enjoy the feel of the wind in my face as always, my mind rests on you. A smile is brought to my face; I can almost smell a faint sent of you. You have been here. But, was it me you came here to think about? Was it us...

  • It's Hard

    It's Hard

    6 years ago

    It's so hard not to call you, not to text you, not to hold you. Knowing it's my fault leads only to more hurt too. Not seeing you won't make this aching go away. However, thoughts of seeing you make me want you to stay. Do I lean in to...

  • The coast again

    The coast again

    6 years ago

    I end up here on the coast again. My mind wondered so far that my truck was forced to follow and here I sit. The sound of the waves cresting, the gulls cry above my head and suddenly I realize that I feel no better. I am always led here by the...

  • Your still....

    Your still....

    6 years ago

    How many times must I scold myself? For letting you slip away. So out of my mind and hurting, Still, I never asked you to stay. I can’t take back what happened, And no matter how many times it is said, The words “I never meant...

  • So Bad It Hurts

    So Bad It Hurts

    6 years ago

    Her dress is tattered and torn, The shoes she has, so obviously worn. The flowers in her hands are dead. But nothing speaks louder than the veil on her head. At one time the veil was white, But like her dress, it’s now not so bright. ...

  • Neverending Forever

    Neverending Forever

    7 years ago

     One day I will accept you being gone. I will realize that you are not in that tan chevy driving next to me. I will stop following that man in the mall who's face I want so bad to be yours. I will stop waiting for you to call and tell me you are...

  • weakened


    7 years ago

    The wind whistles words untrue, As if everything is the same. But the echo from the thunder above, All but screams your name. It rushes through the branches, Whispering as the leaves fall. As my face turns up to watch the clouds, I...

  • As if it mattered

    As if it mattered

    7 years ago

    No meaning now, for your fingertips are cold. Be it fault or some fictionally story brought to life. On one hand, my eyes should not show surprise but on the other, a great worry arises. For though we act as though the blame is obvious, we both know...

  • Scars


    7 years ago

     The reasons, among other things, are amiss. An all too familiar feeling comes back another time to haunt the very life I don't want to, but have no choice but to live. I fall down and fall into this place that is myself and everyone sees. Even...

  • In This Place

    In This Place

    7 years ago

     There is water in this place. I don't remember there being water here before...but a little water never hurt the company is nice. This tiny place would be crowded with two even if I wanted the extra someone. I sometimes look around...

  • Embrace -poem

    Embrace -poem

    7 years ago

  • End It - poem

    End It - poem

    7 years ago

      Dark shadows fall over the lowly, dying figment of imagination. Tearing apart lost dreams and making all bow to its power. Like puppets on strings of hate, they play. Day and Night their every controlled move takes more of them away. Living...

  • Thank You - poem

    Thank You - poem

    5 years ago

      Some find it... Some never do. Some loose it... The way I lost you. Even if for a moment, It was all too real. An emotion so intense... One I thought I'd never feel. For some it lasts a lifetime, For others a blink of an eye....

  • Falling Stars - poem

    Falling Stars - poem

    7 years ago

    I never thought I'd see the day, When the stars fell from the sky. So strong, bright, and beautiful, It's hard to think they could die. Though sometimes unseen, Never do they part. They hold us together, Especially lovers who are...

  • Flatline - poem

    Flatline - poem

    7 years ago

      It starts with one breath, Ends the same way... Your story starts out, Then ends all in one day. Your heart can only beat, So many times. Your mouth can only spit out, So many rhymes. The very life you were given, Turns it's...

  • Pure Black - poem

    Pure Black - poem

    7 years ago

      In this garden where they lay, Red roses of perfection so they say. The most pure red you’ll ever find, But the most cold hearts of any kind. The gardener pleased with what he saw, Every day he looked and saw no flaw. He kept the...

  • The Eyes of winter - poem

    The Eyes of winter - poem

    7 years ago

    Looks like colors are fading, Weather is getting cooler each day, I feel it in my heart, Winter is coming to stay. Humans and animals alike, Bundle and hide away. And as the weather changes, More plants die each day. Leaves shrivel...

  • Confusion - poem

    Confusion - poem

    7 years ago

      Place and Time   In a dazed state I think of wonder beyond all human imagination. The glaze on my eyes becomes a window into the soul of space, and time looses its measure. As my pupils decrease in size, I focus on the tiny spots dancing on a...

  • The Gales' Sweet Night Blooming Jasmine - poem

    The Gales' Sweet Night Blooming Jasmine - poem

    7 years ago

      Jasmine Night Blooming Jasmine only blooms at nights' darkest hour. Its’ hurting petals gracing the night with its’ saddest sent. The bluest of all blue lies on its petals expressing the secret it loathes to tell. Whispering, only when no...

  • The pain never really goes away..... - poem

    The pain never really goes away..... - poem

    7 years ago

    Peace A year ago today, My world was turned around. Life lost it's very meaning, The day they laid you in the ground. I remember when it happened, The phone dropped to the floor. And to my knees I fell, Already unable to take...

  • A change of heart - poem

    A change of heart - poem

    7 years ago

    Never drop your heart. Never let it go. Yes, someone may catch it, But it's never for long...I know There will be those, Who put out their hands. But everytime they will move them, And your heart shatters into sand. This time you...

  • Tears of Love - poem

    Tears of Love - poem

    7 years ago

      The letter I would write to him, The letter I would write and probably should, Will never be written, It will never be understood. It would say how I saw to him today, And could do nothing but glare, How all the feelings came back...

  • Love VS Hate - poem

    Love VS Hate - poem

    7 years ago

    Love, as the Italians say, is blind. It knows no fear or resin of wayward people. It encases ones body and makes you numb to the pain you one day feel. It understands nothing of lies or deceit and it knows not of selfishness. However, Love knows...

  • Depressions' Deepest Sadness - poem

    Depressions' Deepest Sadness - poem

    7 years ago

     Saddness is a part of every persons life. However, some of us experience sadness to the extreme of lasting depression. These writings are expressed at dark times in my life and are my best way of describing the world as it's played over in my head.

  • Even in death the mind wanders - poem

    Even in death the mind wanders - poem

    7 years ago

      I run to you, I hold you close, and entangled in my loving arms you lay. Mourning and ever so broken I cradle you, rocking your tears away. Lulled to sleep, I sing to you, captivated by an unchanging embrace. Hush my love, my life, for here...

  • A picture is worth 1000 words; but without those words, how could you ever really understand?

    A picture is worth 1000 words; but without those words, how could you ever really understand?

    7 years ago

     Visions of black and white cloud my mind as my eyes roll back and forth beneath my lids. As my eyes shut, so too do the eyes of the world. Shielded from reality, I lie as the black and white scramble becomes my life. Shapes and figures are there...