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My credentials (i.e., what WRITE do I have to RIGHT this book?)

Name: Ana Kolomeka

Age: Dark and evil times, which this book will dispel once enough people read it.

Sex: Sure, anytime! (Long as it’s good)

Personal History: Rated NC17

Education: I have a BS, MS, and PhD. You know what BS stands for, right? Well, M.S. means More of the Same, and PhD is Piled Higher and Deeper.

Why I wrote this book: To wage peace between the sexes! What did you think?

Okay, let’s get serious. My real inspiration comes from the fact that I grew up in the ghetto where the environment was basically ugly, ignorance was rampant, and men were something to be feared. Thanks to my favorite high school teacher, who I’ve dedicated this book to, I was able to escape. I have since done considerable travelling, worked in a variety of fields, and had numerous experiences that have completely changed my view of the world. I have noticed that many people today have not been blessed with information I was lucky enough to obtain in high school. My purpose is to provide this education to those who lack caring teachers and the right surroundings, so they can take it upon themselves to become enlightened.

Some facts I point out in this book are:

Most men are not callous cheating criminals. They are perfectly capable of caring about women and children.

The divorce rate is a lot lower than the media portrays. It is calculated based on the number of marriages and divorces that occur in a given year; since there are typically half as many divorces, that’s where you get the 50% statistic. A more accurate way of gauging is to count how many people have ever been divorced.

The biggest factor in divorce is IGNORANCE. Divorce rates vary according to how educated the partners are regarding relationships.

Physical beauty attracts, but quality of character is what holds a relationship together.

You attract what you are. Being the right person is every bit as important as finding the right person.

Sensual knowledge helps a relationships work; prudishness harms it. That’s why over half this book is dedicated to sensual knowledge.

About my credentials: this book is my thesis in an effort to obtain a PhD in the University of Hard Knocks. Yes I have a Bachelor’s Degree, but the real learning comes outside of school. This is a collection of knowledge I’ve acquired from over a half century of observing and interacting with people, and studying a variety of cultures.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to the adventure!

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