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Well I have been around a while and am interested in nearly everything, but computers have been my main source of income for years as a technical writer, and I do love my gadgets...toys....er tools, yes tools. After all, this is work, isn't it?

This is my first day on here and I like it. I can actually see traffic. WOW!

I am a writer of all sorts and a wanna-be artist when I have the time. I am moving from part time employment to working for myself, writing, marketing anf having fun.

Ok 2 days=2 hubs and 2 comments and 2 followers AND my hub scores shot up too. What fun!

Ok, Seriously, this is an excellent outlet for creative energy. I am a writer. I actually make money doing this. I have for years. Mostly I write non-fiction, because that is what pays. I have taught and been a technical writer for years.

I readjusted my perspective with a trip to China, where I found out just how priveleged I am. I taught there, writing, EFL, business strategy and ethics, Office and Java..

I do write fiction and poetry, but it does not make as much money as crative non-fictioon, technical writing and web copy. I also coach students and edit their theses and dissertations. They are almost entirely second language speakers. They study hard, but they cannot write.

I currently write, fix computers, teach people how to use them and paint some. I am an expert at learning, being a permanent student.

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