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andrea_albright profile image


Joined 10 years ago




Andréa Albright is a certified yoga instructor, a published author,
and has university degrees in both Biology and Spanish. Because of her healthy diet tips, she has also become known in the world of "big business diets" as a woman with a dangerous secret...

Andréa grew up eating the typical American diet, and by the time she reached her late teens she realized that she was gaining weight rapidly. She dieted her way through college only to discover that, despite constantly denying herself and cycling through diet after diet, she
was 8 sizes bigger by the end of the 4 years. How could this be?

In the years during and after college, armed with a degree in
biology, Andréa dug deep into the science, the pharmacology, the
evolutionary biomorphism, and biochemistry of weight loss and tried
every promising exercise and diet program she could find to lose
weight... Some of which worked temporarily... but none that she was
able to stick with for very long. The weight kept coming back, and, if you've ever been down this path yourself you already know, each time the weight comes back, she'd end up heavier than when she started.

Her big breakthrough didn't come from a diet, a pill, or an exercise,
but through an "awakening" that completely changed her life and set her on a completely new course of health and consciousness. By surrendering beliefs that had crippled her ability to succeed and emotionally sabotaged her attempts to become healthy, Andréa found a radically new path to permanent weight loss. She abandoned her "war against fat" and began her campaign of giving love and light to her body, every day and with every breath. Along this path she discovered the untruths (and outright lies) that have been sold to so many desperate dieters in the past decades,
uncovered the truth about how the processed food business is destroying our health, and how to TEACH OTHERS the joyful path of loving your body into health and fitness.

To succeed in transforming your body you need good science for nutrition and exercise, good psychology and emotional support to break food addictions and emotional eating... but most of all, you need to connect with the spirituality that rejects "dieting" and "getting into shape" and replaces it with permanent TRANSFORMATION.

Andréa is the author of a free weekly weight loss and health newsletter, and the eBook "How To Lose Weight By Feeding And Nourishing Your Spirit". She now lives in Santa Monica California where she is a lecturer and writer on spirituality, health, weight loss and fitness, and hosts a radio show on Karma Air.

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