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Well, I transitioned my gender a few years ago but I'm stuck with a Hubpages account that uses my old name. This sucks rather a lot. Anyway, I'm Sophia, I like to write about conscious stuff, and you can find more from me at www.sophiagubb.com

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  • What Do Longans Taste Like

    What Do Longans Taste Like

    7 years ago

    I tried longans for the first time the other day. They cost quite a lot, but as I'm a huge fruit lover I bought enough to have a sweet snack and took them home. I love exploring new tastes, and writing an article along...

  • Indigo Children Characteristics

    Indigo Children Characteristics

    7 years ago

    I've come to feel like something of an expert on indigo children characteristics, seeing as I am one and seem to have taken up the role of teaching others about indigo children. On my website, my article about them was...

  • Foods You Can Eat On The 80/10/10 Raw Food Diet

    Foods You Can Eat On The 80/10/10 Raw Food Diet

    7 years ago

    It can be hard to know what foods you can eat when you're following the 80/10/10 raw food diet. While you know that you can eat fruit and vegetables and small amounts of fatty foods like avocados and nuts, you may not...