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Greetings, my name is Andrew Savage and ever since I could remember I enjoyed writing as writing has always seemed to be the best hobby and outlet for my personality. While it seemed that I could never give enough of my heart to the craft of writing during stressful periods of my life, my closest friends included computers, the keyboard, the pen, and paper. Throughout the years I have have developed a fondness and interest in observing, practicing and studying mannerisms and customs of cultures, speech, editing articles, revisionism, research and inquiry, numerology, social and societal development, along with a vegetarian lifestyle. During my travels and interaction across the world I learned to love acting, science fantasy, studying art, and nearly all that is from the victorian era, especially clothing and architectural fashions.

To hone my writing skills and persue evolutionary creativity, I spend hours each day meditating, stretching, working out, hiking, stargazing, gardening, programming, listening to music, looking for work, and dabbling in the art of lighting, sounding, and design; all of which seem to awaken layers of my akashic field, fire up neurons and grant me a sense of foresight in my writing that I practically autocorrect myself before I finish what I string across my crafts. When I am not worried about how other people view the nature of my writing or speech, I entertain and educate myself in modeling, farming, biology, ecology, marketing, sociology, metaphysics, information gathering, along with propagation pattern precognition and reconnaissance.

While I have had a place for a considerable reverence toward egalitarian principles and ethics, along with what some may call socially progressive points of view, in regards to my worldview, I am by no means an activist, nor do I believe in the power of protests, public assemblies, and choice. Having this said, my beliefs in causation, sound systematic judgements, and decision making, as well as the trust I have invested in a power higher than my myself are self evident. In finishing, I look forward to furthering and expanding my career in writing articles covering my interests and beliefs along with sharing the positive aspects of nonconfidential information and wisdom that I am studying.

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