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Andy Moreno

Bacterial Pathogen Surveillance Systems Engineer

HSG/AME Certified Laboratories, LLC.

Food production pathogen surveillance systems via qRT-PCR technologies

Microbiological Test Design, Implementation and Validation for Food Production, Food Quality,
Food Safety, Food Security and qPCR Equipment & Assay applications
-Food Processing QA/QC
-Pathogen-Specific molecular Assays
--E. coli spp. Assay
--E. coli O157:H7 Assay (FDA BAM Assay)
--Listeria mono. Assay
--Salmonella spp. Assay
--Big Six Non-O157 STEC Panels
O145, O111, O26, O45, O121, O103

Founder and Host of The AME Food Testing Show on BlogTalkRadio.
Click on these links to listen to these free, informative interviews:

DNA food tests (molecular)
Food & Environmental Testing
Molecular epidemiology
RFID Tracking Technologies

Manages the AME Food Pathogen Outbreak Rapid Response Team
Voluntary/Involuntary Recall Response
Review of HACCP procedures
Food Safety Program support with DNA pathogen screening.
Food safety consulting.
Food Quality Program consulting
Food Production Facility Audits
Food Safety Testing
DNA, Molecular food tests, Next generation sequencing of foodborne pathogens

AME Certified Laboratories has been awarded the direct sales agency of BioGX of Birmingham, AL, for food safety testing products in Mexico.
BioGx is the sole contract manufacturer of the US FDA’s E. coli O157:H7 PCR Assay.
This is the same molecular food test used by the USDA, CDC and labs in government networks.
-Norovirus GI, GII, IAC Multiplex
- NON 0157 STEC--Serotypes 0145, 0111, 026
- NON 0157 STEC--Serotypes 045, 0121, 0103
- E. coli stx1, stx2, O157:H7, IAC Multiplex
- E. coli stx1, stx2, EAE, IAC
- E. coli stx1/2, eae (Intimin), O157:H7, IAC
- EcLiSa (E. coli Species, Listeria Species, Salmonella Species with IAC)

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