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Hello and welcome. Thank-you for dropping in. I have recently developed a passion for Bible study and I have found myself fascinated with the truths that are presented using the Bible 'alone', compared to what is coming from behind the pulpit of a majority of churches.

I had been raised as a non-practicing Christian and as such was aware of only the basic fundamentals. It was my belief that, 'if you be good and do good you will go to heaven when you die,' if not, 'eternal damnation' would be my reward. 'Being good and doing good' included things like respecting your elders, honoring your parents, abstaining from lying and stealing, etc. etc. Of course, being a somewhat typical kid, this to me meant only trying to do those things as much as possible ;)

As I grew older, I began to hear about things like a secret rapture, armageddon, a 'great tribulation,' anti-christ and mark of the beast, to name just a few. Being a secular-Christian (if there is such a thing) and a fairly naive one at that, I decided then that I could wait and see if there was going to be a 'rapture', and if there was then I could 'change my ways' in time for the implied 'second chance'.

The issues began when I was taught how to actually read the Bible 'myself', as opposed to just listening to what was being 'preached'. As it turned out, I couldn't find any biblical evidence for the 'basic' teachings that are so popular! I was floored by the contrast in what I was learning from the Bible, compared to what I had come to believe. For example - did you know that the Bible does NOT teach that when you die, you go to either heaven or eternal punishment? And no, I'm not talking about purgatory!

Nonetheless, I am hoping to discuss the aforementioned topics, as well as the Ten Commandments, the Second Coming, the Millenium, and the Church of Bible Prophecy, as well as anything else that might come up along the way.

I hope you enjoy my Hubs, or at least find them interesting. Thank-you in advance for your interest along with any advice, suggestions or requests. Just - be nice! lol

A self-proclaimed google expert and research extraordinaire - lol!!

I have four older brothers, no sisters. Currently, four boys and their wonderful and caring mother reside in the same city and share a loving and close family relationship.

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  • Religion and Philosophy (19)
  • Atheism's Logic

    Atheism's Logic

    4 years ago

    Taking a look at the alleged evidences for atheism and discussing the logic behind this mindset. Using quotes from famous atheists, we will examine where atheism leads & what it leaves us with.

  • Why Do You Go To Church?

    Why Do You Go To Church?

    4 years ago

    Examining some of the more common reasons given for attending a specific church and the problems thereof.

  • Questions for Atheists

    Questions for Atheists

    4 years ago

    Many forums here asking Christians to provide proof for their faith. Usually turns into back and forth banter. So, here's one for all the atheists out there.

  • Vicar of Christ

    Vicar of Christ

    4 years ago

    This common belief stems from yet another Bible misinterpretation. Most people believe that Christ made Peter the head of the church due to Matthew 16:18... "And I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this...

  • The Jesus-God Debate Simplified

    The Jesus-God Debate Simplified

    6 years ago

    Was Jesus God? Was He just a 'good man?' What's up with the Trinity? This Hub will unpack the Godhead without getting too deep into the theology of it. MORESO, it will examine the arguments...

  • Mark of the Beast: Part 3 - The Mark

    Mark of the Beast: Part 3 - The Mark

    7 years ago

    The Mark of the Beast: Part 3 – The Mark If you have not already done so, please read the introduction to this study, as it is crucial to our understanding of the ‘Mark of the Beast.’ Friends, if you have...

  • Mark of the Beast: Part 2 - The Beast

    Mark of the Beast: Part 2 - The Beast

    7 years ago

    Mark of the Beast: Part 2 - The Beast Welcome back, friends. As mentioned in Part 1 of this study into the 'Mark of the Beast', it is crucial for us to first identify the Beast if we are to recognize its mark. Who, or...

  • Mark of the Beast: Part 1 - Preparation

    Mark of the Beast: Part 1 - Preparation

    7 days ago

    Mark of the Beast Pt. I Hello again friends. As suggested by the title, this Hub begins a study into the ‘Mark of the Beast.’ As many of you may already know, this ‘Mark of the Beast’ is terminology for a...

  • The Ten

    The Ten

    7 years ago

    The Ten Commandments – to keep or not to keep? This is a serious question. Aside from the religious implications, the results of keeping the Ten Commandments, or the lack thereof, are discernable in any society. We...

  • Eternal Hell

    Eternal Hell

    4 years ago

    Sick of the "fire & brimstone" preaching? Does God seem cruel and unjust? There is hope! Read on to see what the Bible really says about Hell (Hint: It's not 'eternal')

  • Bible Summary

    Bible Summary

    8 years ago

    Ever want to know what the Bible story is all about? This Hub covers a brief overview of the Bible 'story' without focussing on doctrines or beliefs.

  • What About Faith?

    What About Faith?

    8 years ago

    Faith Is All You Need In my dealings with people who are questioning religion, one of the biggest setbacks is the question of how we can know what truth is. The idea that is typically presented is that since there are...

  • Great Tribulation Hoax

    Great Tribulation Hoax

    7 days ago

    Hello again, friends. This essay is a continuation from a previous Hub about the ‘secret rapture’. In that Hub we looked at the popular belief that one day, millions of people around the globe will suddenly...

  • Secret Rapture

    Secret Rapture

    7 years ago

    Taking a close look at the 'Secret Rapture' doctrine and comparing it to what the Bible really teaches about the second coming of Jesus Christ (Hint: It's no secret).

  • Does God Exist?

    Does God Exist?

    7 years ago

    Is Anybody Out There? In today’s age, is there any proof that God exists, or is it true that He is just a ‘crutch’ for Christians and those who choose to believe? That is, is He just a yarn weaved up to make us...

  • New Testament Evidence

    New Testament Evidence

    8 years ago

    The Gospels & The New Testament – Examining the Evidence The first thing we must realize when we seriously consider the gospel message is that if it is true, it has huge implications for one’s life. Secondly, we...

  • The Afterlife?

    The Afterlife?

    7 days ago

    An Afterlife? – Requires an Immortal Soul I have decided to write about this topic first because of two main reasons. First of all, it is a base doctrine upon which quite a few others are connected, in some way or...

  • How to Study Your Bible

    How to Study Your Bible

    7 days ago

      Bible Study: Tools and Tips This is a short article aimed at getting you prepared to begin your Bible study, by sharing with you some of the materials I use as well as techniques that have proven to be very...

  • Can The Bible Be Trusted?

    Can The Bible Be Trusted?

    8 years ago

    Can The Bible Be Trusted? Before deciding to focus on the teachings of the Bible, I had to prove, or disprove, to my own satisfaction the validity, and truthfulness of its origin. By this time in my life, I had heard...