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  • Spinach Meatloaf

    Spinach Meatloaf

    21 months ago

    This is a nice and easy recipe that is delicious. It is a wonderful recipe that will bring your family to sit at a table. The best thing, kids love this tasty treat.

  • what happened to the goonies?

    what happened to the goonies?

    6 years ago "Hey You Guys!!!" "The Goonies" was one of my ultimate favorite movies growing up as a kid. The famous saying "Goonies Never Die" always stuck with me as a funny phrase. The movie was filmed in two different states Oregon and...

  • Medical Marijuana in Ohio

    Medical Marijuana in Ohio

    21 months ago

    This is a hub that i would like to know others opinions about. I think it is a very important health and law subject. I hope you all enjoy.

  • my own little recipie

    my own little recipie

    7 years ago

    This is just a little recipe I made. Its easy and great to eat.

  • The First Cars

    The First Cars

    21 months ago

    The auto-mobile is probably the best and worst invention created. Most people would rather jump in a gas hog and gun it down the highway. There are still some people out there who would rather ride a horse and buggy like the good old days. Here is a...

  • yummy flourless peanut butter cookies

    yummy flourless peanut butter cookies

    21 months ago

    This is a very short simple recipe to make some of the best peanut butter cookies you will EVER eat!!!!!!!! All you need for this simple yummy recipe is peanut butter, sugar and eggs. Start with: 2 cups of peanut butter 2 cups granulated...

  • Lack of oxygen causes cancer

    Lack of oxygen causes cancer

    7 years ago

    " Deprive a cell of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous." This saying was once said by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg. There are three main part where earths oxygen comes from. 99.5% of our oxygen comes from silicate minerals...

  • top 20 national parks in america

    top 20 national parks in america

    7 years ago

    Acadia Nation Park Crater Lake Death Valley at night and the arch you see is the Milky Way. I love the outdoors, I think seeing the beautiful animals and nature is one of the purest things to do in America. It is what this county should be made...

  • Top 25 Mythical Creatures

    Top 25 Mythical Creatures

    21 months ago

    Ever wonder if these famous creatures were ever really alive and walking or flying? I do sometimes really believe it. Some of these creatures are even use in religious views and are worshiped and honored. 1. Angels - These creatures are in...

  • Top 10 Famous and Celebrity Mugshots

    Top 10 Famous and Celebrity Mugshots

    7 years ago

    All these famous celebs got arrested for one thing or another. Most of these people we look up to or admire. Lets not let their troubled past change how we feel about them and how they have helped most of us in some way or another. Some transformed...

  • It pays to know someone they got away with it

    It pays to know someone they got away with it

    7 years ago

    This is an article on some of the famous people who got away with murder or killing someone. Some of them are icons. Some of them are not so much liked anymore.

  • Top 10 best things to put on your Website, Blog or Hub

    Top 10 best things to put on your Website, Blog or Hub

    7 years ago

    Would you like to know the best things to put on your domain to make it hot, interesting, or make money off of than this is what you do. Put these things on your website!! Advertising/Affiliate Networking - Such as Google Adsense Adbrite ...

  • The Gaming Systems

    The Gaming Systems

    21 months ago

    This Hub is about the gaming systems that have been created around the world. I wanted to give people the knowledge of these systems and to show how far we have came in the world of gaming.

  • The names of the week

    The names of the week

    21 months ago

    Did you know that the days of the week were named after the planets? Well now you do and I explain now how they were named!!!! It all started with the 7 classical planets Mercury, Venus, Mars Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and the Moon I never knew that....

  • Las Vegas Boulevard

    Las Vegas Boulevard

    21 months ago

    Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign - 5100 Las Vegas Blvd S, As Vegas, NV 89119 Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino - 3700 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103 (866) 746-7671 Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino - 3700 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103 ...

  • Moms One Dish Meal

    Moms One Dish Meal

    21 months ago

    I made this hub in memory of my mother. This was my favorite dish growing up. Hopefully one day I can pass it on to my own.

  • Latin-American Rice Recipe

    Latin-American Rice Recipe

    21 months ago

    This hub is about my recipe on Spanish rice. It mixes Latin America and America to make a wonderful combination of flavor.


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