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My interests are varied, but for the purpose of HubPages primarily include:

Ultralight Backpacking

I am an ultralight backpacker with over 8,000 trail miles under my feet. I can answer your questions about gear, gadgets, food, clothing, mail drops, trail ethics and much, much more!

Aging and Eldercare

I am a professional eldercare worker specializing in older people with mild to moderate cognitive impairment. Some people call me "the old folks whisperer." Have a question about strange behaviors or communicating with your loved one? Maybe I can help!

Community and Social Action / Interaction

As I grow older I place greater value on the community in which I live. How can I help make my community better? Does the way we treat one another impact the health and welfare of our community? I will explore these questions and more in Hubs about community and social action and interaction.

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