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I work full time and want to write articles part-time. I enjoy cooking, travel, self-improvement. I have a thirst for knowledge and wisdom.

I have a passion for creating a product out of yarn, wood, fabrics, etc..I like walking, biking, fishing, gardening, and shopping in hardware or home improvement stores (have been known to hyperventilate when I see a new shop tool)

I took a break from writing and now I am ready to dive back in with vigor and determination to update old articles as well as writing new ones.

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  • Tennessee State Flower- The Purple Iris

    Tennessee State Flower- The Purple Iris

    4 months ago

    The Purple Iris is one of the most beautiful flowers and is considered the Tennessee State Flower, although, there are many different colors.This flower is easy to grow and will multiply each season.

  • Six Surprising Facts About Cherokee Indians

    Six Surprising Facts About Cherokee Indians

    6 years ago

    lasplash.com The Cherokee Indians are the second largest tribe in the United States. They are one of five tribes that are considered to be civilized; the other four are the Chickasaw, Seminole, Choctaw, and the Creek. ...

  • Poke Salad Facts and Folklore

    Poke Salad Facts and Folklore

    4 months ago

    Spring has arrived and lunch is served. Spring is the time when a lot of folks enjoy picking and eating poke salad. Some people say don’t eat any part of this plant as it is poisonous to humans and animals. Others...