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  • How to Cook Sweet Potatoes: 2 Ways of Cooking Sweet Potatoes, Health Benefits, and Disadvantages

    How to Cook Sweet Potatoes: 2 Ways of Cooking Sweet Potatoes, Health Benefits, and Disadvantages

    2 days ago

    Sweet potatoes are also known as yams in some parts of the world. They are widely grown in many parts of the world and hence a staple food for many people. There are different types of potatoes such as white, purple, and orange. Their color is determined by the compounds found in the potato.

  • How to Make Money Online: 12 Ways of Money Making Online

    How to Make Money Online: 12 Ways of Money Making Online

    2 days ago

    Technology has been fair enough to make our lives sweeter and easier. One of the many ways that technology has brought is that we can work from our comfort zone without incurring much cost.This is possible by only using your phone, laptop, or personal computer to work online and make money while

  • How to Attract Unlimited Readers to Your Articles: 12 Ways of Attracting Readers

    How to Attract Unlimited Readers to Your Articles: 12 Ways of Attracting Readers

    2 days ago

    Article writing is one of the significant ways of making money online. For you to start this journey of money-making online through writing articles, you should always have the audience in your mind since they are the ones to make you earn hugely.

  • How Children Are Affected By Divorce

    How Children Are Affected By Divorce

    11 days ago

    Divorce is when parents decide to separate due to some reasons.Their reasons to divorce makes them feel it is worth for separation to ease them stress or responsibility.Divorce can sometimes be good at at times it may be very destructive to both parties and their children which is not good.

  • My Worst Childhood Memory

    My Worst Childhood Memory

    11 days ago

    Childhood memories can differ from one person to another.There are those that had good childhood memories while others had the worst.However,we all have a black part.Bad memories makes us sad when we think about them while the good ones make us happy and we would want to think about them always.

  • Unforgettable Childhood Memories

    Unforgettable Childhood Memories

    11 days ago

    Memories are very crucial in our lives since they help us in shaping our personalities. Depending on the type of memories that you have, they all help us to live smoothly, cope with some tough situations that we may undergo after our childhood is gone, and also learn from our mistakes.

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    Acne: Types, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

    12 days ago

    Acne is a skin condition that occurs mostly on the face, forehead, chin, shoulders, chest, and even at the back. It can be caused by several factors such as hormonal changes, stress, use of oily skin care products, genetics, and humid temperatures. Acne commonly affects teenagers but it can affect

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    Powerful Natural Hair Growth Remedies

    2 weeks ago

    It is a desire for many of us to have drastic abundant hair growth with amazing characteristics such as long, shiny, or even silky. If you would like to have a fast hair growth rate with admirable properties, try some of the natural ways which can help stimulate your hair growth to your wish

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    Facial Skin Care Health Tips

    2 weeks ago

    Skin is the largest organ in our body and needs a lot of care since poor skincare routines can really damage our image, especially our self-esteem. When we have problems with our skin, we try to make every effort in order to have natural, smooth skin, without blemishes. Our skin may be exposed to

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    Mental Cleanliness

    2 weeks ago

    Mental cleanliness or mental eudaimonia may be a state when your mind is stable and dealing with your expectations. once your mental state is unstable, it suggests that you're experiencing stress that has to be handled properly so as to realize mental stability. Such mental problems are often spoken


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