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Living day to day, the best possible way. Rasing two daughters on my own has taught me how to roll with the punches, and roll well.

I write only about my own personal life experiences. I research and share what I learn.

Any medical experience comes from my own personal experiences, and my nursing classes, I am in no way a professional medical expert.

Take away from reading what you will, and please feel free to share.

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  • Problems You May Incurr With Your Ileostomy

    Problems You May Incurr With Your Ileostomy

    7 years ago

    This part was actually part of another hub that I decided, with some advice, needed some "shortening". Pardon the pun here. LOL I will say again, that it is my hope to be here for others who have faced, or is facing, an...

  • Fibrillary Glomerulonephritis Questions

    Fibrillary Glomerulonephritis Questions

    7 years ago

    Somewhere around 2 ½ years ago, while having a physical done, it was explained to me by my primary care physician (pcp) that there was blood showing up in my urine for some reason.  This phenomenon is called...

  • MY Personal Ostomy Skin Care Tips

    MY Personal Ostomy Skin Care Tips

    7 years ago

    No matter what kind of stoma you have, it is very important to take care of the skin surrounding it. I have seen several sites recommending plain water with a cotton pad. But I am a firm believer in antibacterial soap....