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Official Website - www.youaredivine.org

I conduct 'workshop & coaching based' empowerment programs for children and adults, especially business entrepreneurs.

My endeavor has always been to help people navigate through tough life situations in order for them to lead better and healthier lives. Apart from helping people find their inner voice, I have been working one - one with victims of domestic and child abuse, PTSD, inner fears, emotional trauma, unresolved grief, mental chaos and confusion.
My personal coaching sessions, training modules and group workshops have been incredibly beneficial for those suffering from low self esteem, lack of confidence, poor attention span, anger issues, insomnia, anxiety disorder and depression.

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  • Know Yourself - Why Am I The Way I Am !!

    Know Yourself - Why Am I The Way I Am !!

    5 years ago

    Ever asked yourself one intriguing yet simple question….Why am I the way I am? Well, it might sound a bit crazy but, honestly, I’ve tried to figure out many times, the reason for my being the way I am. I don’t...

  • Staying Young Forever - Blessing or a Curse?

    Staying Young Forever - Blessing or a Curse?

    5 years ago

    I sometimes wonder what my response would be if an angel came down from heaven and blessed me with a never ageing body and an immortal soul. I am not able to figure out if that would make me feel on top of the world or...

  • Connecting with the Dead (Paranormal Part-5)

    Connecting with the Dead (Paranormal Part-5)

    5 years ago

    Is it possible to connect with the dead? This has been a grey area ever since the evolution of mankind. No matter how vehemently the scientists have denied the fact of reincarnation or rebirth, yet spiritualists, in all...

  • Split Personality Disorder

    Split Personality Disorder

    4 years ago

    “No offense….but do you have some kind split personality disorder?” Well, I was asked this startling question by one of my friends a few days back. I almost laughed my heart out while my friend kept staring at...

  • My First Encounter with OSHO (philosophy)

    My First Encounter with OSHO (philosophy)

    5 years ago

    I vividly remember the day when a young boy (probably in his early twenties), walked into my office stealthily and closed the door behind him. I might have thrown a questioning glance at him, in response to which he...

  • Kundalini Shakti rises through Chakras (Part-4)

    Kundalini Shakti rises through Chakras (Part-4)

    5 years ago

    The term ‘Kundalini’ comes from Sanskrit word ‘Kundal’ meaning coiled. Please refer to the video uploaded in Part-1. In my opinion that video is an ultimate piece of beauty and perfection on this subject. I...