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Rev Anne Bailey Campbell (annebcampbell)

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Two years ago Anne fled her home with her three teenage boys due to abuse and escalating violence. She went back with a sheriff escort and a U-Haul just to get her books and her cat, Freyja.

Anne is a retired Presbyterian minister who is obsessed with grace, especially the kind we humans too rarely show to one another. She has been a church pastor, spiritual counselor for hospice, and a high school teacher, among other things. Anne has needed grace often in her life and has been fortunate to meet some very gracious people along the way. She struggles with Chronic Lyme Disease, which she has had for seventeen years, and is still in denial about.

Anne feels compelled to write, highlighting what grace looks like to her, in the hope that others might recognize it in their own lives and emulate it. She blogs at leapofgrace.com to share grace stories like ‘Unconditional Meatloaf’ and offer online Spiritual Counseling.

If a label is necessary, Anne would call herself a Progressive Christian, one who is finding it very difficult to find grace in our current political situation. Nevertheless, she persists in trying.

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