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In his childhood Anthony wanted to be involved in sales. Even though he didn't grew up in the business environment he always had that in mind.

On 1997 when Anthony was 19 year of age, he demonstrated an interest in writing. After his first writing about a mutt dog in Dark City (written in Spanish), he continued putting his thoughts on paper and learning more about his Christian faith. His favorite topics to discuss are faith based topics, theology, political issues, basketball, motivational and business.

On 1978 he was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. He lived in his native country, Puerto Rico for most of his childhood and teen age years before moving to Pennsylvania on 1999 where he learned to be independent and where he grew more in his faith. Now he currently resides in Long Island, New York.

He works as a full timer in a gas Company named, National Grid, and operates a private frinchising business on the side fulfilling his childhood dream of being in business.

He enjoys reading, especially motivational and educational materials. His passions are writing and teaching people. His main authoritative source is the Bible, which he considers the Word of God.

His favorite sport is basketball. He also likes the arts such as composing music and using creativity and imagination to bring a message to the people through any form.

From 1996 to 1998 he completed an associates degree in Computer Information Systems, which has helped him attain a general knowledge about the computer world.

From 2009 to 2010 he began to take an online bachelor degree in English Literature, but then after completing several classes he had to pause it to focus more on his private franchising business which has been experiencing much growth, is being mentored and where he has learned a lot about sales, marketing, self discipline, persistence and leadership.

He also has been active in helping and teaching the youth in his previous church in PA and in his current church in NY.

His writing through the inernet and his messages in You Tube has helped, encouragued and inspired many people to keep living for the truth, and he is currently in the process of writing his first book.

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