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I love writing about many things that involve relationships,pheromones and attraction, spirituality, fragrances and anything about life that interests me.

I love to see how people can make their lives better escpecially married couples. That is why I also like to write about how to save marriage most effectively through propercommunication and expression. The attraction that takes place between two people is what I am here to enhance.

Enjoy life to the fullest and long live Romance!

Couples now a days are turning to alternate methods to effectively increase their levels of attraction and be more accepted in the relationships.

Often times they ask me what it could actually take to spice up a relationship from the old and boring routines that life seems to give us.

I try to maintain an open mind and learn new things each and evey day so that I can implement progression into my life and for others around me.

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  • The Earth's Vibration is Rising

    The Earth's Vibration is Rising

    3 years ago

    The frequency of the earth has been gaining a significant amount of momentum these days and as it progresses, we do as well. Getting ready for the evolution of humanity and consciousness.