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The Duty and Purpose of my Apostleship falls
under 4 Divisions of the Amighty's Divine Calling
to my spirit:To Fulfill... To Unveil...To Promote,and To Prophesy.BELOW is an "Example" of my presentation of kmowledge from God to my spirit.
To Both sinner and saint...of Both the male and female gender.We Grow as we Know;and Show as we Go.

The Hubs to which I write concerning the Hidden and the "Unknown" According to the Increase Daniel 12 v 4 follows these introductions of Philosophy.

You can join and become "Pin Pals" ,which will only take a minute.Or just feed your Spiritual Body with the Food of Words.

I found this to be a wonderful WebSite to put Ink on Paper and with more and better ways to express your "Intellect".



It's "ALL Show," and, "No Go",when you put the 'OUTSIDE"of you, ABOVE the "INSIDE".

"Character", is more important than beauty."The Spirit" of the body is MORE important than "The Flesh'.
that,..but in no way NEGLECT
the flesh NOR the outside,...it's just that it is wise of INTELLECT and more rewarding to put the "IMAGE of PERSONALITY" Above "Showmanship" as your first thought of personal identity.Quality brings more to the table than ...Quantity


Contrary to popular opinion.To be "Spiritually Born again" is to
Regain that which was "Lost" in the Garden of Eden,and to be "Problem Solvers",and not,"Problem Makers"
To go From an ORDINARY,to an EXTRAORDINARY person.
You can't be "Spirirually Born Again" by just beliving that you could.
You can't walk across the street just by believing that you could, it takes Movement.
During our spiritual REBIRTH everything Spiritually that is in your spirit now,you will have MORE of. Knowledge is power,and so it is in the
understanding and prophecy of the words spoken BY The Angel to the Prophet Daniel in Daniel12v4....But it was NOT "material knowledge"of Science,Rresearch,Technology and discoveries of what you see around you today that was prophesied about,...But a, "Spiritual Increase" of Education.Which is Now before you.

("COUNTED") We each have "A Number",and by that number we "Arrive" and "Leave" this world.
"Doctors''" can not dictate to you how long you have to live because of one incident or another.
If it is not your time or your number to leave this world,...it will never happen.
And when it is our time,IT CANNOT BE PREVENTED.


It's Brought about, (inspirations)...Thought about...
Decided about...and Forgotton about.
That is the "Process" and "Conclusion " of Choice.Every decision one makes in life go through this process of thought.Before you say yes or no you have went through this process of CHOICE.


This is not our world.We just live in it,pay rent,seek God,and wait for the out come.
But then, there are those that would like to hurry up, like taking their own life.We choose.If one will do anything for anything,they have lost Everything.

( Returning Love )

God have been so good to us,But how are we toward Him?HOW are we returning His love?
It's like this:Saying i love you without showing it,is a Welll without water,or a TV without a picture.
How would you feel if your mate always say the words I Love You to you,but never showed any sign that any love is there? IF love is not returned to the one who gave it......How can it be a match.iT'S MORE like, a car without a motor.Or a world without God.There is NO RETURN supplied if either one don't move or refuse to respond.


The way "Friends" is interpretated in these present days,stand in the idea and meaning of "What an Enemy Is".
And in view of that,"The Enemy"..is Equal To or MORE of a friend ............than the friend is.
A Friend is as a Friend does.Take it as it comes,and call it like you see it


You are as Efficient in doing what-so-ever it is that
you want to do in life;as you are Ready and Prepared to do so.
Whatever intellect you have accumulated in your life of experiences depends on how well you coordinate and regulate all that you say and do in this life.
It also depends on "what type" of knowledge that you have ACCUMULATED.SPIRITUAL or "MATERIAL", Scientific,l,good or evil.
Don't expect to find an apple growing on a peanut vine, if you are trying to fine a apple.
Only "Certain Knowledge" can be found in a Certain place.

("Just a Few to Lead")

We have to "Lead" in this world,and Not "DOMINATE".
"ENCOURAGE" and Not to INTIMIDATE".One should Speak only to, "STIMULATE" and "STIPULATE",and Not to
"Misappropriate"...But to.. "REGULATE".


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