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Joined 6 years ago from a white room with dark curtains, at the station!




The first peoples Columbus encountered and decimated in 1492. They lived in peace, on the Caribbean Islands. Today, 62% of the inhabitants of the island of Puerto Rico alone, have been found to have ARAWAK DNA in thier blood.

Each day I get stronger. I will arrive violently, and rip the hearts from my enemies and leave them to drown in thier blood. They cannot stop, what they do not understand. I am ARAWAK.

Bi-Opsey: NY Tech, U of Maryland & Maine. Soc/Psych/Paper Clips.

Graduate Thesis: Alder N' Jung.

Presently: Changing the paradigm.

Graduate of USAF Schools of Psy-Ops, Targeting, Communications, and Human Intelligence.(Lowry-Peterson AFB CO.)

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