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Hello, I studied English literature and I'm a writer on various topics. I love writing and I'm looking forward to the work,


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  • Schoolboy Q Drops Blank Face

    Schoolboy Q Drops Blank Face

    22 months ago

    Blank Face is finally here, satisfying most of the fans. Is it already a new TDE masterpiece?

  • PiƱata Already a Classic

    Piñata Already a Classic

    22 months ago

    Freddie Gibbs and Madlib have teamed up for a masterpiece two years ago. The album is still vibrant and sounds like it came out yesterday.

  • The Shield Still Holds Its Own

    The Shield Still Holds Its Own

    22 months ago

    The Shield remains at the top on the list of the shows, which are trying to keep you on the edge from start to finish.

  • My Blood Pressure Battle

    My Blood Pressure Battle

    22 months ago

    Not being a master chef, I managed to poison myself with food two years ago. I suddenly felt dizzy to the point where I couldn't walk.. and it didn't stop for days.

  • David Letterman or Stephen Colbert?

    David Letterman or Stephen Colbert?

    22 months ago

    Stephen Colbert has been going at it for a while now- so is he as good as Letterman?

  • Radiohead's Return

    Radiohead's Return

    22 months ago

    Radiohead are still at it. Quarter of the century later and they are still surprising us with new future classics. A Moon Shaped Pool is the latest one to get into and you shouldn't miss it.

  • Beauties of Hoi An

    Beauties of Hoi An

    22 months ago

    Going to Hoi An was my first time in Asia. The unique culture and the people sucked me into a new world of mystery and beautiful places.