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Well, about me, im 14 (will change on the 27th of december 2017) and i like anime, but thats not enough so basically i enjoy animes like Highschool DxD The Asterisk War Academy city on the water, Kyou kara Maou, (Wolfie is my bae back off) ive watched some of Yuri! on ice, ive been told to watch Haikyuu and ive watched some of bleach. Thats about all i can remember ive watched alot more then that that is just the list i can remember. Now about me personally, my name is kieran but one of my favourite anime (and one i missed on the previous list) is Sword art online so people call me kirito or kazuto depending on what mood im in Kirito for spoopy Kazuto for incest jk jk. thats bout all i can think of that im willing to tell you folks so, and yes i said folks, ill see you on my articles :D

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  • My Top 5 Animes for Beginners

    My Top 5 Animes for Beginners

    8 months ago

    This article is purely my opinion and you may have different opinions to mine but this is a beginner friendly list of beginner anime that i recommend