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  • Love takes Hate

    Love takes Hate

    2 years ago

    The world has many emotions, the strongest of these are hate, followed by love.

  • Berserk Beginning

    Berserk Beginning

    2 years ago

    I'm on the outside, looking inside...what do I see? Much confusion, disillusion, all around me...I talked, to the words were all carried away.

  • Truthful history

    Truthful history

    3 years ago

    Many artifacts do not fit the technology available, and mysteries did they create Gobekli Tepe, carve hard rock, move monoliths; the truth shatters textbooks, so it's swept under the rug.

  • Celica Escape

    Celica Escape

    2 years ago

    After the heist, you got to a car, you need Steve McQueen drifting around corners in a souped up Mustang...if no Mustang, a Toyota Celica.

  • Politicians: penny-wise, pound foolish

    Politicians: penny-wise, pound foolish

    3 years ago

    The Dark Ages, Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, and two recent World Wars. Put businessmen in charge of investing money, and let politicians listen to the people and actually help them. Duh?

  • World's End

    World's End

    3 years ago

    With so many wars and displaced humans, we have entered a time-frame that suggests the world is on fire, and we only have gasoline to extinguish the flames. We need to act now.

  • How many are hidden

    How many are hidden

    3 years ago

    How many hide and how many are legitimate...that, as always, is the question.

  • Head's up

    Head's up

    2 years ago

    When you go through life, make sure life goes through you; enjoy and entertain yourself, you only get one shot.

  • Dreams of Morpheus

    Dreams of Morpheus

    3 years ago

    When the sidewalk is cold, and the rain is pelting down on your depressed soul, you want something...anything, to help and hinder despair, or boost a negative view of life in the lost lane.

  • Run for your life.

    Run for your life.

    3 years ago

    Pulling the perfect heist, we had to ditch the Dudley-do-right cop, or face ending we'd do anything to avoid. An insane chase, escape meant major cash, but a lot of unwanted attention.

  • Our Father's fought

    Our Father's fought

    3 years ago

    A poem that looks at a violent world, and shows that backbone it the key to win.

  • How do you live?

    How do you live?

    3 years ago

    Why do we do what we do...are there more options to try? Other areas to explore? Do what is inside, and do what you must

  • Cash in On Computer Breakthrough

    Cash in On Computer Breakthrough

    3 years ago

    New technology means paradigm shift in computers

  • Trust but cut the deck

    Trust but cut the deck

    3 years ago

    The truth about lies


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