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Elizabeth Nebitt is my name and Interwebbing is my game...well, you know what I mean!

As a mother of three young boys and a webmaster to several sites and blogs my life is never dull. I am an (acrylic) artist and I spend my days researching and writing useful content for this and other sites amongst changing nappies and doing school runs.

I also run a blog called Getting Pregnant After... which covers all sorts of conception and pre-conception issues and solutions.

My pride and joy however is Mwah ha ha Money where I provide step by step tutorials and great instructionals about making money online for for beginners.

They call me an old soul...I call it common sense. I'm the sort of person who likes to ask questions...I like to seek answers. I beleive that knowledge is the key to growing.

Many of my hubs are built around a cornerstone of experience. Other hubs are built around a cornerstone of compassion - I have watched family or friends suffer and seek information. I wish to help raise awareness about those problems, especially those clouded by a veil of secrecy, those too taboo to discuss.

I value quality - I take great self pride, in all my work whether it be painting, writing, one blog or another or whatever my latest creative binge. I value the meaning of seemingly obscelete words like honour, courtousy and honesty.

I'm here at HubPages to share with you the trials and tribulations, the laughter and tears that I experience everyday and invite you to follow the turmultuous ride that is a day in my life being an Artist For Hire.

Profile Picture: Myself (Elizabeth Nesbitt) painting Suzuki GSR

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Need help understanding NAS?

Send me an email and I'll help answer your questions and point you in the right direction. If you are interested in being a support network for NAS mother's I would love to hear from you - especially if you have a medical background.

I have also covered NAS in my blog Getting Pregnant After... along with heaps of preconception & pregnancy info so feel free to run along and check it out too.

Think you can do a better job than me? Do you know something I don't?

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Did you know...

You don't have to be an expert to be an expert here at hubPages? If you want to share your favourite recipe's or tell us about your favourite holiday you can...and the best news is, you can get paid while you do it

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Join me at Ranked In (Note: I intend to package this up with my eBook and sell it in the near future so get in now while it's still free) where I am known as Content Meant

Please address your queries to eliz.nesbitt@gmail.com

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