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    Fun All The Way

    2 months ago

    Three bosom friends and their wives were visiting the enchanting Darjeeling hill station when another school mate and his wife joined them. Read on to know how a fun could embitter the relationship abruptly and then….

  • 24

    The Fanatic

    4 months ago

    The rickshaw pullers are very poor possessing little education. The unsustainability of their livelihood brings in malnutrition, poverty and consequent illogical behaviour.The writer wonders what they will do if the rickshaws are banned in the name of development and modernisation.

  • Young At Eighty

    Young At Eighty

    5 months ago

    We go to all extremes to look younger having a youthful spirit no matter what one's age. But to some persons with favourable genetic characteristics or disciplined lifestyle the goal is nearly achieved.

  • How To Follow Good Examples

    How To Follow Good Examples

    4 years ago

    A good example is the best sermon. A person should follow a good example set by a successful man/woman. Instead of only detecting fault and blaming others one should try to find a solution encouraging others to follow.

  • How To Resist Temptation

    How To Resist Temptation

    4 years ago

    None of us is a stranger to temptation and resisting the desire for any favourite but unhealthy thing is a challenging task. We should train our mind to tame such extreme craving.

  • Do You Know My  Friend

    Do You Know My Friend

    5 months ago

    The writer while trying to find out his long lost friend fondly reminisces about the sweet past association.

  • Panacea for Healthy Living

    Panacea for Healthy Living

    5 months ago

    The author during a recent travel by a taxi had the rare privilege of interacting with an otherwise uneducated cabman who provided him with ideas as how to keep fit by maintaining good life style and food habits and while reaping benefit from the discussions he concludes that good life style with...

  • The Name Under cover

    The Name Under cover

    5 months ago

    A fascinating story of two unknown young men who met in a bus and discovered themselves to be on the same wavelength sharing common values, opinion and taste. Read on to know what happened..........

  • 30

    How to Be a Friendly Physician: A Memoir

    22 months ago

    On the occasion of the doctor’s day 2014 the author pays tribute to a physician who worked in the tea gardens in dooars, the undulating green carpet landscape which soothes the traveller’s eyes and offers delicious Darjeeling tea. Without holding any high degree but with great care and empathy he...

  • Reading Habits

    Reading Habits

    4 years ago

    A book is the man’s best companion and reading imparts tremendous joy and knowledge developing positive attitude and bringing the scope to repel anxiety.

  • Health Tips -       Sona Uncle & The Charm of Real India- Part lV

    Health Tips - Sona Uncle & The Charm of Real India- Part lV

    6 years ago

    Many visitors to the hubs published on the life of the great man (Sona uncle & the charm of real India) had sought to know more interesting information on him. Even a few wished to know how he could live a healthy life for relatively long years despite the fact that he had a very irregular life...

  • 8

    Sona uncle & the Charm of Real India -Part(III)

    2 weeks ago

    After the first two parts on the life of the great man were published on Hubpages response came flooding from all over the globe and many readers sought to know more about his other antics and life practices and even a few enquired how he could keep at bay major illnesses despite his very...

  • Are We All Thieves?

    Are We All Thieves?

    16 months ago

    Larceny involves an individual taking property such as goods or money without the owner's permission for personal use. When a person steals property for personal use and not for sale he or she commits larceny. Like theft it is categorized as petty or grand larceny. There is a little bit of larceny...

  • How To Enjoy Life Fully

    How To Enjoy Life Fully

    20 months ago

    People should develop a hobby/passion for different arts for honing their unexplored skills while passing time fruitfully, recharging the energy battery and enjoying life fully. People without any such creative activities beyond daily routine jobs are prone to frustration and leave no example for...

  • George da The Legendary Rabindra Sangeet  Singer

    George da The Legendary Rabindra Sangeet Singer

    5 months ago

  • 14

    A Strange Twist of Fate

    5 weeks ago

    Those who do not believe there is some force guiding us call it God, destiny or fate should read this hub. A man without any ambition and content being only confined to the familiar surroundings gets the sudden inconceivable opportunity to tour the whole of Europe to accompany an illiterate lady.

  • 10

    How To Make Resignation Process Smooth

    2 weeks ago

    Resignation from a government office requires routing the standard application through proper channel to the appropriate authority for approval in due course. Read how the author was caught up in the process and got the respite ultimately.

  • The Saga of Life

    The Saga of Life

    2 years ago

    Incredible story of the son of a vegetable seller afflicted with poverty becoming established in life and securing the blessing from the Highest Authorities by sheer hard work and determination

  • Those Golden Days

    Those Golden Days

    5 months ago

    Delving into the past one gets a veritable treasure house of anecdotes, incidents bringing sweet memories and the rare scope of comparison with the present while learning salutary lessons for the future.

  • A Psychic Experience

    A Psychic Experience

    2 weeks ago

    - A Bank Manager faced an acute water problem in his rural branch and by the psychic power of an ascetic person solved the problem of the whole locality when abundant supply of potable water was assured.

  • 15

    A Position of Trust

    7 weeks ago

    The author had to encounter an unsavoury situation when an elderly lady while celebrating her golden jubilee marriage anniversary was caught up alone in the bank locker room when lights went off suddenly sending him into anxious moments. Read to know more.

  • My Hubpages Association-Overwhelming  Half A Year

    My Hubpages Association-Overwhelming Half A Year

    6 years ago

    Looking back after 6 months the author fondly remembers his growing association with the favorite website to successfully sharpen his hidden writing power while receiving unstinted cooperation from talented writers

  • 18

    The Need and Burden of Money

    4 months ago

    While money is surely one of our useful inventions we can’t not think of our life without money. We depend on it for our most vital and basic needs, but the same money is also used to satisfy the most avoidable, extravagant and wholly untenable desires of creatures still dominated by their animal...

  • Remembering my Father

    Remembering my Father

    5 months ago

    The relationship between the teacher and the taught or even their parents was very cordial some years back but now it is a thing of the past, rues the author. A student then was caught in the act of copying during an examination. Despite being the son of a famous physician of the town and having...

  • 13

    Sona Uncle And The Charm Of Real India- Part ll

    3 weeks ago

    After the rousing response to the first hub ’SONA UNCLE AND THE CHARM OF REAL INDIA’ the author has realized the need to bring out at least another companion part to provide a complete picture of the veritable Sona uncle’s treasure house which includes among other rare traits his charity,...

  • 8

    Drawing a Conclusion

    5 months ago

    The author narrates how an incorrigible teacher turns over a new leaf in life after superannuation.

  • Value of Time

    Value of Time

    5 months ago

    You can get rid of tardiness in doing things and become punctual by changing habits and tweaking routines. After all time matters much and punctuality should be practised without recourse to excuses.

  • The Lost Tribe

    The Lost Tribe

    5 months ago

    A tribe of cook cum servant that encompassed compassion, discipline, honesty, truthfulness and above all trustworthiness is a thing of the past. In these days of dishonesty and hypocrisy the writer brings back fun filled happy days with one such a person.

  • Right to Scold

    Right to Scold

    15 months ago

    -A parent should scold a child with loving care and affection to timely rectify any mistake. Similarly any senior member of a society should exercise the right but the process should be blended with proper care and without any humiliation.

  • 7

    Portrait of a Mother

    9 months ago

    She was the epitome of a true mother who gave us unconditional love, affection and being a widow she sacrificed her life for her children inculcating them with good values and culture to become good human beings.

  • The  Sweet Friendship

    The Sweet Friendship

    5 months ago

    A Bank manager gets a small boy as a companion during his posting in a rural area of West Bengal. While the rustic boy gets educated and cultured his mentor accustomed to city life, receives the opportunity to know village life totally and enjoy the home much away from his home. But as the...

  • 6

    Change of mindset

    3 weeks ago

    A true life incident of how a lost mobile set could be retrieved after a patient search and learning a hard lesson from a poor illiterate bus conductor.

  • The Psychic Power

    The Psychic Power

    7 months ago

    An urban educated person narrates his experience of being bitten by a snake in a laboratory in a rural location and how a local psychic used his strange mental powers to put a bell metal dish on his erect back and ejected the venom. Believe it or not the whole operation was conducted in the...

  • How Not To Smoke-My Experience

    How Not To Smoke-My Experience

    5 months ago

    A non smoker narrates his smoking experience at an early age and how he could finally kick the butt for good by sheer determination and fighting many odds জে

  • The Unforgettable Mentor

    The Unforgettable Mentor

    4 months ago

    An engrossing real life story how a selfless educated bachelor turns to be a mentor and guide for young boys and sacrificing his own career helps them become established in life, while extending helping hand to all and sundry in the town.

  • A Spooky Tale

    A Spooky Tale

    2 years ago

    Sudden frightening noise at night in wintry December alerted all the residents of a small town in West Bengal. Police investigations found no clue.Neighbours began to reel off different theories. Sacrificial rites were performed to drive away evil spirit. Decades flew by and two friends meet in...

  • Honing  Hub Writing Skill

    Honing Hub Writing Skill

    6 years ago

    After publishing a hub a writer may improve the quality of the write-up by checking and rechecking and proper studies.The Hubpages community also gives the scope to interact and engage in writing useful comments to enable the writer to be enriched with new ideas to produce better hubs and in turn...

  • Hubpages-A Stepping Stone

    Hubpages-A Stepping Stone

    6 years ago

    A new hubber traces the events and turning points of his literary journey from childhood and how his real life short piece actually sees the light of day on Hubpages removing the stumbling block coming his way and helping him in his lifelong aspiration to become a writer. He is all praise for the...

  • Christmas in Kolkata

    Christmas in Kolkata

    6 years ago

    Kolkata observes Christmas with the usual pomp and grandeur by the participation of all the communities showing unity in diversity and that there is only one God in the universe.

  • The Crafted Gift

    The Crafted Gift

    6 years ago

    A beautifully designed saree gifted at her wedding amazed a newly wed. The connoisseur was also driven to ecstasy looking at the wonderful gift. But at long last she could discover-----

  • Neil as a Divine Blessing

    Neil as a Divine Blessing

    4 months ago

    An engrossing real life story of how by divine blessing a poor boy entered a family of three brothers after their mother’s untimely demise to help them while gradually becomes established in life.

  • 57

    Sona Uncle and the Charm of Real India

    4 months ago

    A real life story of a selfless bachelor being charmed by the rustic unostentatious life sacrifices his own minimum comforts and fritters away savings for the poor and destitute


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