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Christian Apologetics has nothing to do with apologizing - quite the opposite, in fact. It means the giving of a logical defense of one's position or beliefs.

If you declare yourself a Christian, your beliefs will sooner or later be questioned by skeptics or outright attacked by angry secularists. That is why the Scriptures tell Christians to be "ready with answers".

There is almost no such thing as Islam apologetics, Hindu apologetics or Buddist apologetics because all of these religions or beliefs are based on myth, personal whims, unprovable assumptions, or are irrational and contradictory. Because a detailed search for the proofs and truth of these beliefs would reveal there falsity, no courses of study for their validity exist.

Christianity, on the other hand, has many courses of apologetics and is bursting with proofs, evidence and rationality. Although all belief systems (yes, including atheism) require some amount of faith, Christianity requires the least.

Despite this, Christianity is under a lot of fire in America from secularists because, as the Scriptures say, Anyone who isn't with me [God] opposes me, and anyone who isn't working with me is actually working against me.(Matthew 12:30), and because I think many modern day Christians have not bothered to think about why they believe.

As I read and study questions on life, God and the Bible for myself, I hope I can help you answer some of the skeptical questions and rebut the attacks that are sometimes leveled at anyone who has put their faith in the saving power of Jesus Christ.

Thanks for reading.

-Asa Schneidermann

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