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  • How to Start a Spiritual Practice

    How to Start a Spiritual Practice

    17 months ago

    Our worlds are hectic and fast-paced. It is easy to forget to take a moment and relax, to connect with our own sense of being and the world around us. The world waits for us, in its way. To relax, to breathe, to connect. If we listen, we can hear Mother Earth sing. We can hear her speak.

  • How to Save Money When You're Poor

    How to Save Money When You're Poor

    17 months ago

    Saving money is a difficult task to tackle. The ability to save money, to know where it all goes, and making ends meet takes time and dedication and a firm control of impulse spending. The key to saving money when you have little to spare is a lesson learned through fire.

  • A Mother's Cry: A Short Fiction Story

    A Mother's Cry: A Short Fiction Story

    18 months ago

    Gareth kept his past locked up, buried so it couldn't harm him. When his girlfriend stumbles across a memento from years ago, the ghosts he kept sealed away come back. Pains of history still cut deeply.

  • The Arisen :02: Labyrinthia Uncovered

    The Arisen :02: Labyrinthia Uncovered

    18 months ago

    Kyra and her friends, having heard stories of the Well of A'tzari, make their way up the mountain to find the legend behind the stories spoken of in Haru'tai. On the mountain, however, they find darkness instead of old legends and awaken a monster.

  • Finding God as a Concrete Thinker

    Finding God as a Concrete Thinker

    18 months ago

    When it comes to Faith, the abstract mind is able to grasp divinity with more ease than someone who's mind is more analytical. Yet even me, who questions everything, can find Faith and God in a way that still makes sense. This is my journey.

  • The Arisen :01: Stories of Old

    The Arisen :01: Stories of Old

    18 months ago

    There are stories of a lost civilization, one that has fallen from history. In a small village, stories still exist. Stories that exist as a warning. When, at the annual festival, a group of friends uncover one such story that tells of a chaos that had once been unleashed upon the world.

  • The Advantages of Fanfiction

    The Advantages of Fanfiction

    8 months ago

    There's an ongoing debate over the validity of Fanfiction. Some cry out that it is, at its core, wrong beyond belief. Others will say there is nothing wrong with Fanfiction. The truth of the matter is that people will have something to say one way or another. Best idea? Make it useful.

  • All Things Are Magic

    All Things Are Magic

    18 months ago

    Therein lies magic in all things, both manmade and those provided by nature in perfect haromony.

  • When Stars Fall

    When Stars Fall

    18 months ago

    The City of Anahora is a city plagued by a darkness that comes at dusk, a place where the living walks with care during the day and huddle, in fear, at night. For months, it has been this way. Then, one night, a star falls from the sky and with within it is a cosmic light. Hope shines brightly.

  • Automatic Writing as a Spiritual Practice

    Automatic Writing as a Spiritual Practice

    17 months ago

    Automatic Writing is a process of writing when the writer isn't in complete control of the words that flow through their pen or through the keys of their keyboard. Also known as Psycography and Spirit Writing, it is a practice that opens the mind to higher forces.

  • Poltergeist Phenomenon: Levels of Activity

    Poltergeist Phenomenon: Levels of Activity

    18 months ago

    There are many kinds of paranormal phenomenon in the world. Poltergeists are one of many. German for "Noisy Ghost," a poltergeist infestation can be a dangerous thing. Learn here how to identify if there's a poltergeist in your home.

  • The Nature of God

    The Nature of God

    17 months ago

    Culture-to-culture, the force behind all of creation has been questioned time and again. The truth, some may say, is as broad as day and night while others may think it a secret lingering just out of sight.


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