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Mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, business owner, sonographer....Any of these titles are a part of who I am. I have always loved to write and have written short stories and poems. I have no idea how to submit them for publication, though my husband believes I should. I have helped a lot of family and friends write resumes and that just doesn't seem to fulfill my craving for creative writing, so I am giving hubpages a try. I am in the final stages of opening a childcare center with my business partner, and also work as a part time ultrasound tech, which I love. I learn a lot and meet a lot of interesting people. I have a huge family and a lot of friends. I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by so many amazing people. I graduated from George Washington University and try to live life to the fullest. I hope my writing is somewhat interesting and inspiring as I have experienced a lot in my life thus far. Enjoy:)

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  • Thinking of being an Ultrasound Tech?

    Thinking of being an Ultrasound Tech?

    6 years ago

    Being an Ultrasonographer is an amazing job. I can truly say that I enjoy what I do, however there is a lot to this career that I never considered nor knew about until after I started school. Sometimes I wonder if I...