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Hello World! It's Sarah. Thank you for visiting my HubPage and I hope you are doing well. First up, let me tell you about myself. I am a full time writer for ebooks, articles, blogs and reviews and love topics, such as health and fitness, medical tourism, personal development, positivity, parenting, psychology and wellness.

I run several websites, including medicaltourism-guide.com, and publish blogs related to health travel, patient guides and vacations. I do social media content marketing and share updates to the people who are interested of health and wellness, too.

If I were not writing, you will find me reading a book, sketching or de-cluttering my home.

I do love positive people and being around them but hate and uninterested to whining ones, who instead of fixing a problem dwell on it and get stuck. I am always on the go, not in traveling much, but in life. I hate being interrupted of my plans, especially when I am too motivated of pushing towards them.

I am a woman who values time and appreciates hardworking people. They say I am boring, and I must admit I am. But it is just that I love being productive and hate wasting my time. I do all sorts of things to keep me productive and to increase my knowledge and skills.

I am a well-rounded woman who does not get intimidated by anyone because I speak my mind without hesitation and do not mind expressing my side even if that sounds harsh. If honesty is cruelty, then I am cruel. LOL.

Seriously, I am just misunderstood, but I am just who I am. Spreading the good vibes and seeing the best from people is my thing. I do hope you enjoy my hubs here and looking forward to hearing your comments or anything.

Thank you and enjoy your life, as we all should! Spread the good around. You are blessed!

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