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Having explored Hubpages for a while, I think that to be a part of it is timely, special thanks to Denny Saloon who has in his own way brought me there. And so, here I am in a niche where I could share my memories, experiences, knowledge, and thoughts with others, entertain myself with others’ work as well as excercise my English writing skill.

From now on I hope you could enjoy reading my writing whenever I have it posted and whatever the topic is about.

By the way, my nickname is ARI, and I live in the periphery of a beautiful city so-called Parijs van Java or the Paris of Java according to Dutch people in the old days.

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  • English in My Life

    English in My Life

    7 years ago

    Photo by courtesy of Denny Saloon Like to many of you, English is not my mother tongue. It is a foreign language to me. When I was a little girl, I was always amazed by kids in a film having a chit-chat in a language...